Disney Day Five!

This is the SADDEST day because this is the day we went home.  However, just to make the magic last a little bit longer… I reserved a spot for a character breakfast for us that morning!  It was at Ohana’s at the Polynesian Resort.  That resort is currently under construction, but I have a feeling once they make the updates it will be really awesome!!!  I also really like how they served the food, family style!  They just brought over a big plate of everything and we served ourselves.  We could have as much or as little as we wanted – it was like a buffet but without having to get up and go walk and wait in line for food.  Brilliant!

Can you guess my favorite part of the meal?

The characters at this breakfast were Lilo, Stitch, Pluto, and Mickey!  Mom and Dad (and Brandon) really didn’t know anything about Lilo and Stitch – but I do (duh).  I actually had just watched Lilo and Stitch before we left!

Stitch was the only one with a photographer, so this is the only picture we have of all four of us.

I LOVE that picture of my parents.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

After breakfast we went to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping, but didn’t stay very long.  I can’t even begin to tell you how hot it was, and I was officially worn out.  I did NOT want to walk, and I was sweaty and exhausted!  (So was everyone!)  So we headed to the airport (booo)…

At the airport, guess what we did while we waited for our flight?

I told you = pin trading had taken over the trip!!!!!!

It really was the BEST trip.  I really want to go back, right now.  And for those of you that are curious about going to Disney while 7 months pregnant?  No big deal.  I got a little more tired than usual, but there are enough places to sit and cool down… it’s all good!!!  Even after we got home… we still pretended we were there!

Now – on to the big news.  While we were on the trip, everyone kept telling me what a great job I did planning.  And I thought about it… and really, I did do a great job.  It was so much fun, and we really got the most out of our time there.  Plus, I absolutely ADORE planning the trips!!!  So, I have made the decision to become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  It’s going to take some time – I need to find an agency in order to get the certification… and I won’t be able to devote myself full time to it – because I still have to work… but it is something I am really good at, and really enjoy doing.

So, in the future – I will be able to help OTHER people plan perfect Disney vacations!!!  And the best part about it is… it won’t cost THEM any extra money!  The way it works is great, the planners simply make a commission from Disney when they sell a package.  So it won’t cost the vacationers any extra money at all.  It actually will probably SAVE them money, because the planners spend a lot of time making sure that they are getting the best value out there.

I am REALLY looking forward to getting started, but who knows when that will be.  I have my information in to a few different agencies, and am just waiting to hear back.  They all have different training cycles, so hopefully I will get picked up with a good agency when they begin their next one!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


One thought on “Disney Day Five!

  1. I love the idea of you planning other people’s trips!! You did do an amazing job planning all these great details… I LOVE HOW MUCH YOUR FAMILY LOVES DISNEY!

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