Disney Day Three!

Early in the morning on Day 3, we didn’t have any set plans.  I told Brandon (while he was still asleep) we could go to Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.  He said Animal Kingdom.  So then I said okay, he would have to get up now so we could get ready because we needed to be at Magic Kingdom by noon for lunch… and then he said “Magic Kingdom” and I let him sleep for a little while longer… haha I wasn’t kidding about the lack of sleep this poor guy gets!  🙂

We started the morning at MK, riding more rides and taking advantage of the not-so-busy park!  There was almost NO wait for one of my favorite rides… and I almost rode it… but didn’t.  If there wasn’t a lap bar that came down I would have ridden it… because really it’s only one drop, and it’s not THAT intense… but it’s safer to just not.  I did get this picture though!

See?  Mom is holding on to her visor… while Brandon and Dad are giving the “guns up”…

At least she has her eyes open in this one!!!  🙂

After we rode the rides, I was so excited for lunch.  I recieved an email a few months ago about being part of a test group to try new “Fast Pass Dining” at BE OUR GUEST restaurant!  For those of you who don’t know, it’s next to impossible to get in to Be Our Guest.  It’s the newest (and coolest) restaurant in the parks… and so I jumped at the opportunity to get to go!  We even ordered our lunch in advance!  We got there, checked in, and they said we could sit wherever we wanted to.  It was SO SO SSOOOO COOL!!!  I wanted to sit in the “west wing” where the rose was, but it was already packed.  You could also sit in the library, but we decided to take a small table in the back of the ballroom.

The coolest part?  Those people walking around with those carts.  We had sat down for just a few minutes, and our food magically appeared!  It was delicious and we really really loved it!  Next time, I want to go there for dinner.  SO neat.

After lunch we went back to the hotel to relax for a bit, then it was back to EPCOT!

I kept reading about the “Cool Zone” but had never been in person… and so we made it a point to go check it out this trip.  You can go try a bunch of different flavors of Coke from around the world.  For free!!  It was really interesting…

I really liked Peru, and I did NOT LIKE ITALY.  Mom liked Italy.  It does not taste good.  Most of them were just really, really sweet…  I was glad we got to check it out this trip!

We headed over to the world showcase where this EPIC picture was taken:

Sadly, we did not buy the glasses.  And then we talked for the rest of the trip about how we should have bought the glasses.  When my mother came over on Wednesday for dinner, SHE HAD ORDERED SOME ONLINE!  NOW WE HAVE THEM!!!!  I love them, they are the best.  Also?  I had two pairs in my cart ready to check out the other day… but then decided I would wait until closer to Christmas.  Good thing I did, because Mom had already ordered them!!

Anyways… we had a great dinner at the Rose & Crown Pub, and then headed over to our Fast Pass viewing area for the IllumiNations Firework show.  I still can’t decide if I will do the fast pass for that again or not… maybe a good idea when the park is more crowded, but I think we could have easily found a great place to see them (like on the patio of the restaurant we were at!) and not needed to use the Fast Pass…


And that’s about it for Day Three!  I’ll probably finish up the trip recap next week… we have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us this weekend!  Get excited though, I have some pretty exciting news to share with you all!!  ❤


One thought on “Disney Day Three!

  1. EEESSHHKKKK! Those fireworks pictures are amazing and I wasn’t even there!! I love how much fun you had… I don’t know if I would be brave enough to try all the sodas.. but that’s pretty cool!!!

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