Disney Day Two!

We started this day out at everyone’s favorite park – Epcot!

We got there early enough to get on Soarin’ with no wait… and then went to ride our first FastPass ride… Test Track!!!

Well, I made it this far.  You get to design your own car before the ride itself.  Since Test Track is a “thrill ride”… Baby Olaf and I sat this one out.

You will notice in all ride pictures, my dear mother is holding on to her visor!!  Apparently this ride was MUCH faster than any of them anticipated!  They would have been more prepared if they would have done the research I had done…  haha!!

After Test Track was the MOST exciting part of the day… TIME TO MEET MICKEY!!!!!!!!!  I put on my homemade tank top, and was so excited I could hardly contain myself…

Yeah, it was definitely homemade.  The iron on did NOT want to stay on and it was wrinkley and crinkley and oh well… it’s the thought that counts!  And the only person who’s thoughts I cared about was the big cheese himself.  And he LOVED MY SHIRT!!!

(And so did Mrs. Big Cheese!!!)

After some more time at Epcot, Brandon and I came back to the hotel for a nap (and so he could draft in one of his fantasy leagues…) and Mom and Dad hung around the World Showcase for a little while longer.  That evening we went to one of the BEST restaurants I have been to in a LONG time… Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I HIGHLY recommend it for you foodies!!

AFTER dinner we decided to live a bit dangerously and go to the Magic Kingdom!  This wasn’t on our original plan, but we are sure glad we did it.  We got there right when the fireworks were about to begin, so took advantage of shorter lines in Tomorrowland and hit up some awesome rides.

Also, I just have to post this picture.  Brandon loves his sleep, and bless his heart he does NOT GET MUCH SLEEP on our Disney trips!  I snapped this picture early Sunday morning before we left, with the “My First Mickey” doll that my dad got for Olaf…

He is such a trooper.

Well, that’s it for day two!  I have to do these posts a day at a time because I get SO SAD that the trip is over already…  I want to go back, now!!!


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