Disney Day One!

Disney was amazing.  I just don’t even have words so I’ll let the pictures tell you all about it…

I made it to WalMart the day before we left and was able to get some great Disney shirts!  I would have much rather purchased a few $7-$10 shirts there instead of waiting until we got there and paying $30 each!  Especially since I needed them so big!!  When we got to the hotel, we checked in, and little baby Olaf got a button!!

Shortly after checking in one of my BFFs in the ENTIRE WORLD came to visit!  She lives in Wisconsin, and was in Florida visiting her Mom – so they came to have lunch with us!  She even brought Olaf a present – a TON of BABY PACKERS CLOTHES.  (And she brought me Clay Matthews, because she is the best)

Lunch was fabulous.  I had a burger with lobster on it.  AND we got anniversary cupcakes because Meghan’s mom told them we were celebrating!  How sweet!!

After lunch, we headed to Hollywood Studios.  Rode a few rides, had a yummy Italian dinner, and saw the Fantasmic show!  Luckily we were there during the Frozen Summer Party – so we got to check out some Frozen Fireworks after Fantasmic!  It was a really fun, really busy day!  Here is a panoramic picture I took of the really cool stunt show we saw that afternoon.  Pretty awesome stuff!

When we got back to the hotel room that night, a little surprise was waiting for everyone.  I was so excited about this!

We only ended up using the bag at the park one day, but the snacks were fantastic!  Since we scheduled our days with breaks in the middle, we didn’t need to bring as much stuff with us.  So we ended up only using a small bag that my mom brought along.  I do know that we will get a LOT of use out of the bag in the future though!  The bottom part is a cooler!!  It’s a great bag!  I was really glad that I was able to surprise everyone with the gift… I’m surprised I actually kept it a secret!


Well, there’s the first day in a nutshell.  I’ll fill you all in on the rest of the trip later this week!


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