Fall Preview

Linking up today with You Signed Up For WHAT?!, Mar on the Run!, and Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday Five!

First off – we leave TOMORROW FOR DISNEY AND I AM SO EXCITED.  I seriously can’t even handle it.  Twenty bucks says I won’t be able to sleep a wink tonight.

Anyways – Friday Five – Fall Preview – Five things I am most excited about this fall!

1) Cooler weather.  OH MY GEE YOU GUYS.  Luckily, this summer has NOT been very hot.  We’ve only had a handful of days over 100, and really I usually wouldn’t have much to complain about.  Except.  I’m pregnant.  AND IT IS SO HOT.  I am always hot.  I don’t even sleep under the covers anymore.  I am ready for it to cool off FOR SURE.

2) FOOTBALL!!!  Usually Thursday would be the biggest bummer ever – back to work from vacation.  However the Packers kick off the 2014 NFL season Thursday night so I am TOTALLY looking forward to that!

3) The State Fair.  Under normal circumstances I can take it or leave it, but not this year.  I am trying all the fried things (except for the sriracha thing.  nope no thanks) – and I am looking forward to a sip of the funnel cake beer.  Oh, Texas.  I love you.

4) My Birthday!!!!!  I turn 29 this year, which is one year closer to 30.  Most people freak out about it, but I can’t wait to be 30.  I’m sure it will be low key with all the baby showers and other things going on… but I do love my birthday and am looking forward to finding a fun way to celebrate it!!!

5) HAVING A BABY.  You guys.  She’s going to be here in a little over two months.  That’s like… no time at all.  Speaking of Princess Olaf – I have one new photo to show you:

She’s getting big!  Earlier this week she decided to stop moving which gave us the scare of a lifetime.  But she was all good, just being totally lazy.  Our next sonogram is also the Thursday after we get home from Disney… so I’m sure I’ll have lots more photos to show!

So now I am going to attempt to do some work today when really I keep singing “it’s a small world” over and over and over and over……………. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


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