A Nursery…

Well, the start of one at least!!!

Over the weekend we finally got our butts in gear and painted the nursery.  We were SO burnt out on painting since we did the kitchen, stairway, and office… but we knew we really needed to get rolling (ha) so we did.

It was really hard to pick out a color.  I’m doing a Cinderella theme – so while it will be girly and princessey… no pink.  I wanted blue and gray.  I’ll tell you what it is HARD to pick the right color!  We were going to do do gray on 3 walls and blue on the wall with windows… but just couldn’t find a blue we liked.  So we went with K all around.

Really we are kind of pros now at painting, and the first coat was finished pretty quickly.  We woke up Sunday morning and threw the second coat on before brunch, let it dry during brunch, and then came home to put the furniture together!!  Well, Brandon put the furniture together.  I was in a food coma on the couch.

We really are pleased with our furniture finds… but are probably going to get a different rocker.  I don’t love this one.  (I do love this one) – and the footstool is broken on it, the cushions don’t stay on, and it’s not very comfortable.  When we brought the furniture home, we said in the beginning we probably wouldn’t keep the rocker, and now I’m really sure I want the other one.  I’m thinking of posting it this weekend to see if we can make a little cash back.  Also?  Not in love with the dresser.  It works… but the drawers stick and it’s not wonderful.  So we aren’t against selling that one too and seeing if we can find a different white one.

But moral of the story is – we don’t NEED to do it, and we have what we DO need for when she gets here!!  Now all that’s left to do is get some bedding and decorate!  The pillow and stuffed animal in there now won’t stay in there, but they’re cute for now.  I’m really excited about our plans for above the crib… but I have to wait at least 4 weeks before putting that together.  So stay tuned…


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