It’s The Little Things – Bumpdate


It’s been too long.  I’m falling down on the job AGAIN… sorryyyy….

Aaaaand I don’t even have a picture for you.  Womp womp…  Aaaaand I’m pretty sure I lost my week stickers in the move.  Oh well.  I’ll get a real picture for week 28!

Baby Princess Olaf 24 27 Week “Bumpdate”

Weight Gain: 23 lbs.  I know this had to do with the fact that we moved and ate out all the time.  And I stopped working out because I was exhausted.  I am now officially terrified by what the final number will be.  I wanted to gain 30 total.  It will be more than that.  I don’t want to talk about it, and honestly I may stop paying attention because it is not good for my sanity.

Stretch Marks:  Still none!!  Let’s pray that it stays that way.

Movement: I feel a ton of kicks and jabs during the day at work while I am sitting at my desk.  Sometimes in the afternoon at home she will move around, and sometimes before I go to bed.  But it’s never when other people are around… or if it is, she has this 6th sense and knows when someone is touching my belly waiting for her to kick.  So she doesn’t.  So moral of the story is I have let people touch me (which I hate) in order to feel it and they don’t feel anything.  Brandon really has only felt her twice!!

How I’m Feeling: I am starting to feel like the third trimester will be the most challenging.  I’m uncomfortable most of the time, and it’s only getting worse.  My energy level is pretty decent – I’ve done a good job about getting up and working out, so that’s good.  But I get a feeling it is just going to get harder and harder.

Sleep: WE HAVE A KING SIZED BED NOW.  So I am sleeping quite well.  I can sleep like a starfish and not even bump into my husband – it’s glorious.  Hula doesn’t quite understand that she doesn’t need to be right up against me… but it’s not so bad.  I still get up occasionally to pee in the middle of the night, but I would have to say that my sleep has improved dramatically with the purchase of the new mattress.

Food: Could be better… but also could be worse.  We’ve gotten back in the habit of cooking at home (thank goodness) so that’s really nice.  The meals aren’t necessarily super healthy, but they aren’t that bad either.  I need to work on my lunches now… I’m spending too much money (and calories) on big lunches from the cafe at work.  I need to get it together and start bringing things from home again!

Workouts: Decent!  I have set a new training plan to run a virtual 10K at the end of September.  I’ve already missed a few runs though, so I’m thinking maybe of doing a virtual 5K instead.  On the weekend it is great to get out and run, but I am still kind of uncomfortable running in my neighborhood at zero dark thirty in the morning.  On Saturday I can wait until it is a little lighter outside and for some reason that feels a bit safer.  I have done a few of the pregnancy DVDs I ordered, and while they aren’t a “good workout”, I feel good for getting up and doing them.

Maternity Clothes:  Yes please.  It’s pretty much all I can wear comfortably now.  I live in leggings and tank tops, and at work I pretty much only wear stretchy dresses.  It’s getting to the point where I need to get a few more pieces for work – my favorite piece so far is a black pencil skirt from H&M.  I wear it at least once a week.  Sometimes twice.

Baby Items:  The obsessive shopping has slowed down, but we DID get all of her furniture!!!  It’s all in a pile in the middle of her room right now, but once we get everything painted we will be ready to decorate!!!  We also had a shower in Fort Worth where we got some great gifts… she’s going to be one spoiled little Olaf!

Best Moment This Week: Some friends told me I “popped” when we were at a wedding last weekend!  It was nice to hear, thinking that I definitely look pregnant now versus just chunky!!

Looking Forward To: Painting her room and getting the ball rolling.  Is that nesting?  I’m starting to get irritated that her room isn’t set up!!

Ok so I guess I can at least post a random bump picture I took to send to some friends – it’s not the “official” one but it will work!


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8 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things – Bumpdate

    • Thanks ma’am! The nursery is a mess. We have all of the furniture, but it’s in a pile in the middle of the room because we don’t want to set it up until we paint. We keep saying “we’ll paint this weekend…” but it never happens! I’m thinking maybe this weekend?? Haha…

  1. Ack Ack ack! So cute!!! I’m so excited to see that bump!! You are the cutest and it makes me so happy!! I hope the weather cools down for you, that you enjoy that king size bed, and that Disney gives you the fuel to get through the last tru!! Princess Olaf will be here soon!!

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