Friday Five: Favorite Race Memories

Has it really been a whole week since I have blogged?  Yikes!!  Sorry guys…

Anywhoo… linking up again with You Signed Up For WHAT?!, Mar on the Run!, and Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday Five!  And I can’t think of a better topic to write about today.

Memory #1:  Finishing my very first 5K.  It was a super small race back in 2009.  I had mentioned to Brandon I wanted to become a runner… and he said that there was a small race he heard about that weekend.  The thought of a 5K totally freaked me out (especially because I really had not been “training” for very long…) but he assured me that we could do it together and it would be fine.  So we signed up.  I was SO nervous, but we did it!  And we finished!  I need to remember this  moment this Halloween and celebrate the 5 year anniversary…

Memory #2: This is when I really began to see that my body could do whatever I wanted it to do.  It would be a while before I really committed and fell in love… but still.  I was digging the 5Ks, and pretty regularly running on the treadmill.  That April I signed up for a race at the new Cowboys stadium (barf) – just for kicks.  I hate the Cowboys, but I wanted to see the new stadium and I wanted to run another 5K – so this was it!  I started running, and kept running.  (Sidenote – I am an intervals girl through and through…)  So eventually I hit mile 1.  No walking.  I was surprised, felt good, so kept going… then mile 2… then mile 3… and before I knew it I was crossing the finish line right in the middle of Jerry World.  I got my very first medal… and I had RUN the entire thing!  Brandon was there waiting for me and I was so surprised!  I wasn’t planning on running the whole time… I just did!!!  (Another sidenote – I have only run nonstop 3.1 TWO times in my life… that race, and my digital 5k in Wine and Dine training!)

Memory #3:  Now we have to fast forward a few years.  After those races we moved across the state, then moved back across the state, and I didn’t run much.  I still had this urge to run a half marathon – so when my Dad and I signed up for Wine and Dine, I hit the pedal to the metal.  I had the most epic training plan ever… a 5K plan, followed by a 10K plan, followed by a half plan.  I was not joking around anymore – I was serious about my training!  Before I knew it – the 10K had arrived.  Like all new distances, I was terrified.  I put on my favorite pants and the mister drove me out to White Rock Lake for a very small little race.  It was hard, but I killed it.  I was so happy when I finished – I was finally starting to feel like a real runner!!  Another important part of this race: I came in 7th place in my age group!  Whaaaat!!!!  (And I really miss those pants.  An unfortunate tripping accident a few weeks later completely ruined them.  BOO!!)

Memory #4: Now, I know these are my 5 favorites, but this one may be my most favorite ever ever ever ever.  When I finished my very first half marathon.  You can read all about it here.  I just don’t even know if I have the words to explain in a short paragraph what that was like.  I crossed the finish line by myself, and then got to watch my dad finish right behind me.  Training with him was so much fun (even though he annoyed the CRAP out of me by not sticking to our schedule!!!!!!) but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Memory #5: Brings us right back to Disney… but on the other side of the country.  During training for Wine and Dine, some of my lovely internet besties convinced me that I should ALSO run the Tinkerbell Half.  So, I did!  I still can’t believe that I actually did it… but it was one of the most amazing times ever in my whole life.  These girls are my people, and we had the MOST fun running that race.  You can read all about THAT one here!  This memory holds an extra special place in my heart not only because of the race – but because I finally got to meet these ladies in real life.  After being friends with them for YEARS… we finally got together and it was absolutely epic!!!

I have so many other memories from races, but these really are my favorites.  I can’t wait to make MORE memories once I pop this kid out and start really training again!  Dumbo Double Dare 2015… I’m looking at YOU!!!!!!




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