Friday Five: What’s New?

Happy Friday!  I’m getting back into the swing of things and joining a new link-up today with You Signed Up For WHAT?!, Mar on the Run!, and Eat Pray Run DC for a Friday Five link up.  This week’s theme is “What’s New” so let’s get right down to business:

1)  My new training plan is going really well so far.  I’m trying to remind myself that the point is for me to just keep moving and not push myself too hard.  I have decided to follow Hal Hidgon’s 10K Novice program this time to prepare for my virtual race at the end of September.  Last time I used Hal’s program was when I was training for my very first half… and I really ramped up the intensity.  This time, instead of using cardio machines for cross training, I am doing pregnancy DVDs for about the same amount of time.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) they are all pretty low key and low impact, so I don’t feel like I am working as hard.  BUT – I’m up and I’m moving and that’s what’s important.  Right?

2) I have a new long term running goal (you know, other than a full marathon and the Dopey challenge…) and that is to DO ALL THESE RACES:  10 Wine-Themed Runs to Get Your Drink On.  The good news is that I have already done #10… and #1 is already on my bucket list.  #2 is first on the list to complete because TEXAS Y’ALL…  and speaking of wine and running did I ever show you guys the sticker I got for the new car?

I saw the sticker on etsy – but it originally had a beer at the end.  Since I’m not the biggest beer drinker, I emailed the seller and asked if there was any chance he had a wine one.  He emailed me back and said he just made one for me!  I LOVE THIS STICKER!!!!

3) We leave for DISNEY THIS MONTH!!!!!!  I got an email this morning that our Magic Bands have shipped… all of our Fast Passes have been scheduled… all of our Dinner reservations have been made… now we just WAIT!  I can’t.  I’m so excited.  I’m especially excited because we will be there over Dumbo weekend, so I won’t be as sad that I am not running the challenge this year.  It will make next year even sweeter!

4) The house is slooooowly coming together.  That’s really the biggest “what’s new” in our life right now.  Slowly but surely things are starting to come together.  The kitchen is about 90% organized… we need to get a shelf or something for the closet in the office to store extra serving plates and what not… but we’re getting there.  The dining room and the living room are still full of boxes… but we’ll get there!  We FINALLY got a king mattress, so my next goal is to get our master bedroom in decent shape.  It will be a while before we can get grown up furniture for that room… but thanks to pinterest I have a good plan for a “phase 1” design.

5) Princess Olaf is getting big y’all… seriously.  She’s like a foot long now, and weighs over a pound and a half!  Brandon has finally been able to feel her kicking… and I am absolutely LOVING the movement.  First part of pregnancy that I have really liked.  She’s finally moved up and out a little bit, so she’s not constantly standing on my cervix… and sometimes she gets going with some type of tribal dance in there and you can watch my belly pop around.  Too funny.  Speaking of belly – I have, once again, fallen down on the job of taking official bump pictures.  Here’s a picture from last weekend right after my run…

And there you have it!  Friday Five.  What’s new.




12 thoughts on “Friday Five: What’s New?

  1. I did the VA Win Country Half and it was great fun–with wine halfway through and the medal was a wine stopper with a corkscrew. And we got a wine glass. So my question is…. where is my bottle of wine?

  2. I love that you call your baby bump Princess Olaf! So cute 🙂 And good for you for just getting your body moving. I have never been pregnant but I’ve seen my sisters go through it and saw how draining (and wonderful) it can be.

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