Really Expensive Piece of Metal

The electricians had to replace everything.  EVERYTHING.  They had to redo the entire panel.  It took two days, and it’s costing thousands of dollars.  I don’t want to talk about it.




I’m proud to say that I have started a training plan, and have stuck to it every day this week!  Well, except for Monday.  I didn’t have the plan in place until Monday afternoon so I couldn’t have done that workout Monday morning because I didn’t know it existed.  The goal is a 10K.  I may walk it, but I’ll get the miles in!  It actually feels REALLY good to have a goal again, even if it is just a virtual race.

I’m still dying for a free weekend, but that’s not in the cards right now.  This weekend I am a bridesmaid in a wedding.  Should be interesting.  We’re getting our hair and makeup done for a 6 pm ceremony (outdoors in Texas in August) starting at 7 AM on Saturday.  I wish I was kidding.  Since this place is two hours away from me, I’ve gotten a pass to get there by 8… but still.  I will look like a hot pregnant mess by ceremony time.  It will not be pretty.  And what are we supposed to do after we get ready while we wait for the ceremony to start?  I figure we will take pictures… but… what else?  It’s going to be a day.  That’s for sure.

Also?  One of the reasons I agreed to be a bridesmaid for this wedding was because I thought that the groom and my husband were good friends.  They were college roommates!!  However, he wasn’t invited to the bachelor party (until the last minute, when someone more important dropped out and they had an extra bed)… and there are other wedding related festivities that nobody has bothered to include him in on.  So I’m pretty pissed at the whole situation.

I’m pretty grumpy about most things right now so I think it will be best if I shut it down and give myself an attitude adjustment while I make another cup of coffee.  Pregnancy has me craving creamer, which is the strangest thing EVER because I gagged at the thought of cream in my coffee for years (black all the way)… but the baby wants what the baby wants.  I think the baby wants french vanilla.  Or maybe hazelnut?


3 thoughts on “Really Expensive Piece of Metal

  1. OOOOOf. that’s all I got to say about that. And at least the house didn’t burn down? But still oooooof. I think you are craving creamer because it is the equivalent of baileys. So buy some Bailey’s creamer, pour that ish over ice, prop your feet up and call it a day.

  2. OY!!! I’m so so so so sorry ladybug!! This weekend is going to be so so so hard!! Hang in there and take lots and lots and lots of water!! Proud of you for getting on a training plan though!! xoxo

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