What a Weekend

So to follow up on my Saturday post, I got up that morning and ran.  I got in 3 miles, the weather was decent, and I felt good during the run.  The rest of the day I dealt with some sciatic pain, but that was to be expected.  I am going to try to get out two more times this week and then again next weekend.  I signed up for The Blurch Virtual Race – because I love bling and I especially love The Oatmeal.  (Seriously – go read this)  I’m thinking of setting my goal distance for a 10K… and completing it on September 20th.  I’m 97% sure it will be mostly walking, but I don’t care.  I’m going to get back out there and start moving again.

In other news – SUNDAY SUCKED.


After breakfast on Sunday morning with some of my favorite people, I was very slowly and cautiously backing out of my parking space.  I know I was being slow and cautious because I hate driving Brandon’s car.  He loves that car and I am terrified I will wreck it.  (HA!)  So anyways, I’m slowly backing out – about a foot out of the space – and this BITCH comes tearing around the corner like a bat out of hell and I bump right into her.  One of the girls I was at breakfast with writes insurance claims, and she came around the corner and I was like “who’s fault is it?!” and she said unfortunately it’s mine.  Since there’s no way I can prove that she was speeding.  Great.

So I called Brandon and he came up there.  I cried a lot and he assured me that he wasn’t mad.  The lady in the other car was not very nice, and then asked me if I had a teenage son.  Really?!?  Do I look like I am old enough for a teenage son?!?  Luckily that looks a lot worse than it is.  We will probably need a new bumper, but its mostly paint.  Oh and her car was white… sooo I have no clue why it’s such a dark nasty streak.  Freaking sucks.

ANYWAYS – after that happened we went to the apartment to finish cleaning it out.  It took four trips and I was useless because every time I would carry something down the stairs to the car, I would get this odd cramp on my side that felt like a tear or a pull or something… so I had to stop lifting things.  So my poor sweaty husband had to do the majority of the work while I just stood there and said “thanks…”  Plus?  It’s like 102 outside.  SO HOT.  I try not to complain much about the Texas heat because it’s Texas and DUH it’s going to be hot in the summer… but oh man it was especially hot and humid.

On our 2nd to last trip to the house, we came in and it was hot inside.  Like, really hot.  Brandon told me that it’s just too hot to have the blinds open, so I should close them.  I did… and then I looked at the thermostat and it was over 80 degrees downstairs.  I told him something was wrong.  He inspected, and yup… broken air conditioner.  I stayed at the house and waited for the emergency air conditioner people to come out while he made the last trip to the apartment all alone.

Luckily, the bedroom was still cool-ish so I stayed up there and worked on organizing the closets.  I was also getting a little pissed – if there was something wrong with the AC, why didn’t the inspector catch it?!  We had everything looked at a month ago – we were in the house ONE WEEK and this happens?!?  Seriously?!?!  The AC guy was able to make it out to the house around 5:30.  Brandon was back home by then so he met with him while I just sat upstairs and tried not to cry.  I felt so bad.  I FEEL so bad.  About everything.  I want to cry just thinking about yesterday.  Anyways… he comes back upstairs and says “Well I have some good news and some bad news…”

The good news? Our AC is fine.  The technician found one little part that was going to wear out soon, so he went ahead and replaced it for us.  For free.  So that’s really awesome.  So why isn’t it working?!

The bad news.  It’s an electrical problem.  So we have to have an electrician come out.  This time Brandon called – it would cost us $200 to have someone come out that day, or $22 if we could wait until Monday.  So we waited.  Last night we spent the night with my parents, and someone is coming out today to take a look.  It could be something as simple as replacing the breaker – which I really hope is the case.  We didn’t get a home warranty from our seller – we had PLANNED on getting one for ourselves just in case – but just hadn’t done it yet.  Go figure, right!?

So, say a little prayer for us that it’s an easy fix and we can go home tonight.  Also – does anyone have any good ideas for something I can do for my husband that doesn’t cost any money to let him know just how much I appreciate him!?  Because I am fresh out of ideas.


UPDATE: the electrical fix is definitely not cheap.  😦


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