Family Tree

So forever ago I saw this pin on Pinterest that I was obsessed with.  It’s that one over there… the big family tree.  I just love it!!!  I think it’s really adorable.  Plus I like all the different sized frames and the scrapbook look of it.

Turns out I have a wall in the new house that would be PERFECT for this big family tree.

Turns out amazon sells the big family tree.  Seriously.

(Yeah, not cheap.)

So I tossed and turned with the idea for a few weeks.  I really wanted to do it – but I am NOT crafty.  And usually when I try to be crafty I can’t get it to look like how I picture it in my head and I get frustrated and I give up.

But not this time.  I decided I was determined to do it.  Yeah, so it’s crazy expensive… we’re going to be in this house for years!  I will totally get my money’s worth!  Plus… OMG how freaking awesome will it be?!?

The box arrived on Saturday.

I laid everything out.

I then realized I had completely gotten in over my head.

Ummmmmmmmmmm……………  luckily it came with “instructions” which at first seemed ridiculous but after closer inspection I discovered that they really are pretty okay.

So Sunday morning I sat down and drew out all the cut lines, then numbered each piece and found where it went on the tree.  Then I got to cutting.  Helpful tip: cut super close to the edges that touch together, it makes it much easier when positioning it on the wall.  However, be sure to leave a little on the side or something to make it easier to peel off the backing!!

After everything was cut and numbered, I got to taping.  I measured the center of the wall and started with the trunk (I just used the top piece, not the whole trunk)… and then went branch by branch…

Do you see that faaar left section?  Remember how I told you I measured?  Guess what – the tips of two leafs touch the damn light switch.  That was THE LAST piece I taped on the wall.  So I could either live with it, or move the WHOLE DAMN TREE.

I’d say I was about two hours into the project by now.  I decided I could live with them touching the switch.

At this point I was getting pretty excited.  It was definitely time consuming, but not “hard”… however now is when I started to get extremely nervous for the next step – sticking it to the wall.  What if I messed up?  It’s not something that can be “fixed” so easily… if I fail at this, it’s ruined.  So I took a break and decided to start sticking later.

Later came pretty quickly and I just went to town.

Folks, it was not easy.  At all.

My walls are textured, and the dang vinyl did NOT want to stick.  I tried all the tricks I saw on YouTube, nothing was working.  It was “sticking” but not well… and when you pulled off the transfer paper, the vinyl wanted to come with it.  And then it would stretch, and bubble, and parts would rip, and I cussed A LOT.

But… I finished.  SEVERAL HOURS LATER… I finished.

So far I am pleased with how it looks, but still concerned about it staying there.  (Luckily everything is still stuck in place!)  I’m planning on going back and hitting it with the hairdryer and a paint roller to try to “heat seal” it to the wall… just to be safe.

Now all we need to do is get some picture frames and a little table, and this MAY be a pretty awesome feature in the home!!!  I wanted to wait to post this until it was all done, but who knows how long it will be before I can get frames, and pictures, and a table, and lamps… so I just decided to post this today.  However… now I kind of wish I would have moved it over an inch but whatever it’s done.  Maybe I should remove those leaves?  Thoughts?!


4 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. That is gorgeous. I understand your conundrum though, and yeah, maybe it should be over an inch, but whatever. Just use how you set up the pictures to help balance it out. Leave it for a bit, see what you decide, and then just do it, but it looks fabulous!!!

  2. I’m pretty amazed and I think it looks awesome!! I think the frames will make you forget about the inch you should have moved it over… you have mad skills. Well done!!

  3. Honestly I love it just the way it is! I had the same reaction to receiving the tree for Betty’s room in the mail. It took me forever to get that thing up!

    I think it’s going to be great once you have the frames on it. 🙂

  4. Love it!!! I think you should leave the part on the wall switch for a while and just see how you feel about it. It’s a little hard to see so I can’t tell if this will work, but if it keeps bugging you, why couldn’t you just remove that *one* leave with an exacto-knife? Can’t wait to see the new digs!!!! xoxox

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