Treat Yourself Tuesday

Soooo last September, during the most frustrating time in our infertility issues, my awesome husband bought me the most adorable little convertible bug on the planet.  A MAJOR treat yourself treat.

It pretty much is my dream car – I have always wanted a convertible, and I have always wanted a beetle.  It was perfect – the perfect color, the perfect interior, and it had all the bells and whistles I could possibly want.  It was a total spur of the moment decision, and I was overjoyed!   His name was Bruce.

We figured that I wasn’t pregnant and it didn’t look like I would be pregnant for a while… so why make all of our decisions based on a potential baby?  Plus… babies are small!  If I did end up getting pregnant, a baby would totally fit in the backseat.

Well.  It’s true that a baby CAN fit in the back seat…

But a tiny little convertible is kind of scary.  Okay, a tiny little convertible is extremely scary.  I didn’t realize just how scary a little car can be!  The more and more pregnant I got, the more and more uncomfortable I became in this little adorable car.  So we made a decision.  Maybe Bruce wasn’t the best idea…

Over the weekend we traded Bruce in for Elsa.

She is a 2014 Dodge Journey.  She is pretty awesome, and I am pretty thrilled with our decision.  Immediately once I got behind the wheel of a bigger car again – I felt safe.  There is PLENTY of room in there, we can finally haul stuff again (don’t need to borrow mom’s car all the time anymore!) and there is a third row of seats!  We don’t need a third row… but I like that it’s there.  I can see us taking lots of family road trips, and can I tell you again one more time how SAFE I feel in it?!

Plus?  NO LEATHER SEATS.  Praise Jesus.  Leather may be nice… but it’s never nice in Texas in the summer.  EVER.

Elsa has a lot of the same features I grew to love with Bruce – the only thing missing is bluetooth for my phone.  But I CAN plug it in for my music – which is the only thing I really need.  Half the time I was turning off the speakerphone anyways.  Keyless entry, push button start, TONS of storage, and a cute little touchscreen too.  Plus?  She kind of looks like a minivan but she isn’t a minivan.  (Sidenote – I kind of really want a minivan)

So, there you go – TREAT YOURSELF!  But be careful when treating yourself to something too extreme because you may have to trade it in for something else much sooner than you anticipated.  But it’s okay because you may secretly be even more excited about the newer one, because sometimes those spur of the moment decisions end up being kind of scary and uncomfortable in the long run.

Welcome to the family, Elsa!  (and yes she’s named after Elsa from Frozen.  Don’t judge.  Bruce was named after Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo)

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4 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. EEEEKKK!! I can’t believe Bruce is traded off, but what an exciting reason why!!! Let me know how you handle push button start… We had a rental like that and it drove me nuts!!

    • Oh I love it. My Mazda wasn’t push button – but was a digital key. The beetle had a push button and at first I didn’t like it, but now I don’t think I could go back to a regular key. I used my mom’s car for a week and was annoyed by the key! 😉

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