The Flood

So, I know it’s not Throwback Thursday, but still I want to go back two years to tell you guys about one of the most traumatic experiences I have had.  I’m being mildly sarcastic – it wasn’t THAT traumatic, but it was pretty crazy and yeah okay it was traumatic.

Two years ago we took a trip with Brandon’s family (as usual) for the 4th of July.  That year we had an adorable beach house in Laguna beach, and even spent a few days in LA!  That was nice because my little brother was living there at the time and we got to spend a day with him (AND a day at Disneyland)!!  Anyways – the trip was AMAZING and we came home feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Then, on July 11th, we went to work like any normal day.

When I got home from work, there was water in the garage.  And I heard this “ssshhhh” coming from inside the house.

I’ll let my blog post from back then fill you in on the rest of the story…

… water was SPEWING from under the sink. And it had been for hours. There was water EVERYWHERE.

I immediately called my husband, “MAJOR EMERGENCY! COME HOME NOW!” He tried to explain to me how to turn off the water in the house but eventually gave up. So I had to stand there and watch the water spew for another good twenty minutes while he drove home. Felt like hours. I just stood there thinking “This can’t be real”… and it so was. Somehow I managed to keep my head on straight and call the home warranty people (which really was a waste of time) – file a claim with insurance – and get the emergency crew on the way over before he got there.

I went home over lunch and met with Brandon and the carpet people again. The interior of the house is currently ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN DEGREES. I immediately thought of our good wine. It’s probably ruined. We’re staying in a hotel again tonight – and insurance is paying for it! Hooray!

I did find out that the water has soaked all the way to about a foot up our walls. SO… not only are we going to need all new floors, but we’re probably going to need all new cabinets. And walls. And this is just such a freakin’ mess I can only laugh.

Plus, our dog hates us. She has spent more time in a kennel the past few weeks than with us.


Yup.  A TOTAL DISASTER.  We ended up living in a hotel for WEEKS.

The rest of the story is a little less disastrous.  Insurance covered a ton and were great to work with (love you, State Farm!) and we were able to get an entire new kitchen out of the deal.  It was actually my DREAM kitchen, too.  Which made leaving it after only a few short months even harder.

I STILL MISS THAT OVEN and don’t really want to talk about how the new oven isn’t a double.  But it’s okay I will survive I have a turkey cooker I can use.  But man, I miss that kitchen.  When Brandon moved me to Dallas, I stood in the kitchen and just sobbed.  It was really hard to leave that place, after all the work we put into it!  Although we didn’t really do much actual work – but I did pick everything out!  And we paid a lot of money for those appliances that I never really got to use!!

Anyways, just thought I’d reminisce about the flood.  It’s hard to believe it was two years ago – pretty crazy the curveballs live has thrown us since then!!  Who would have thought we’d be re-doing a kitchen ALL OVER AGAIN?!

But this time with a little less water…


2 thoughts on “The Flood

  1. OMG! POOR YOU!!! I mean, the flood and everything else. I had a similar experience and actually it’ll be 2 years in August, but the extent of it was FAAAARRRR from what you guys had. Long story short. We just moved in to our new house on a Saturday, and on Monday my hubby installed a washing machine on the second floor. He ran it a few times just to make sure that everything was okay and nothing leaked. On Wednesday morning, I decided to wake up earlier to be able to enjoy a latte on our patio before heading off to work. As I was going to take a shower, I heard weird noises from downstairs… Half of the first floor was under water. I FREAKED OUT! What happened is that my husband didn’t screw it on tight enough and the water was leaking into the wall… That’s why we never noticed anything wrong!!! SO it took 2 days for the water to travel through the walls and a ceiling… Thankfully, the water didn’t stay too long on the floor (less than 6 hours: between us going to sleep and me waking up), so there was minor damage to the floor (in one part and it’s barely noticable), but we had to redo a part of a ceiling (they cut out a part of it to determine what was a cause of the problem) and a part of the wall. Needless to say, we felt like idiots: it took us less than 5 days to do some damage. Oh well, it was a lesson learned! 🙂 xoxo

  2. We had the hose to our fridge rupture at my lake house when I was 15 or 16 and we went down there to discover not only the kitchen flooded but our ENTIRE basement (oh, yeah, fullllllllll basement) under 4-6 inches of water, AFTER the carpet and walls and insulation had absorbed some. Basically, it was like leaving the water on for a week (and we had been there the previous weekend). And it was my brother’s first time being allowed to stay at our regular house by himself, so it was my parents and I. So we had to call a friend who had a wet vac and go and pick it up in our boat. We had to put new flooring in the kitchen, obviously replace the fridge line. My parents stayed up all night flushing out the water, vac’ing, and moving fans around. I think I watched the movie Ever After twice. We had the carpets deep cleaned, but it started to mildew the insulation in the walls. Luckily the basement wasn’t fully finished, but still. I think they’ve had the entire downstairs deep cleaned/replaced at this point and it still smells, to me.

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