It’s The Little Things – Bumpdate

It’s been a while but I am excited to link up again with Jess and Ashley to celebrate the little things!  And really, guys, she’s not so LITTLE anymore…  she’s about 12 ounces, and about 10 inches long.  That is a major difference from the little poppyseed I was so excited about 18 weeks ago!!  Technically this week I am 22 weeks pregnant, but we were much better at getting a picture – which is actually at 20 weeks + a couple days!

So here we go – the next bumpdate – I’ts getting real!!!!!


Baby Princess Olaf 20 Week “Bumpdate”

Weight Gain: 15 lbs.  That’s okay.  That’s okay.  That’s okay.  At least it’s not 20 which is what I thought it was until I remembered that I was 5 lbs heavier than I thought I was when I started.  I am gaining weight.  Which is good because you are supposed to gain.

Stretch Marks:  Still none!  I’m still using that oil… not sure if it’s what is doing the trick or if I am just lucky so far… but I love the fact that I don’t have any yet!

Movement: Tons of it!  Brandon still hasn’t been able to feel any kicks… but I sure do!  They’re still light but they are totally there.  The other day I was laying on the bed and resting the remote control on my belly.  I looked down and she kicked so hard the remote bounced!!  It was hilarious!  I immediately put my hand there but she stopped kicking – I think that one massive one took it out of her!

How I’m Feeling: I am okay – having some mental issues but physically I am okay.  I am still having some pretty bad sciatic nerve issues, and it’s been really hard for me to get my butt up to work out.  I ordered a few more workout DVDs and have decided to stick to home workouts for a while.  Running is officially too much for me – and on days where I run I have horrible backaches so it’s probably best that I hang that up for now.

Sleep: Eh.  Let’s just say I am really looking forward to us getting a king bed.  Thank goodness I can still take melatonin safely because it’s really a lifesaver.

Food: Food has been TERRIBLE.  I mean I have been eating, but just a LOT of food and I need to get a grip!!!

Workouts: Are gone.  And I miss running, real bad.  I actually got up the other morning to do a DVD and my DVD player wasn’t working – so I gave up.  I’m disappointed at how lazy I am getting.  I mentioned earlier I got some more DVDs… so once they get here I am going to get back on it.  I may not be able to knock out a couple of miles every morning – but I can at least get 30-45 minutes of circuit training in during the week!  This morning I DID do a DVD so I am feeling a bit better…

Maternity Clothes:  Again – I am all about the maternity leggings and tanks.  I pretty much hate wearing everything else.  I have been wearing mostly dresses to work and it’s working so far… but pretty soon I am going to need to get some real stuff for work!

Baby Items:  I have slowed down on the purchases… but we did get to register!!!  Once we are in the house for good I’m sure we will start getting big items checked off the list.  It will be awesome to start to organize!  We did end up getting a small changing table to keep downstairs so we don’t have to always go upstairs to change her

Best Moment This Week: That kick on the remote control was pretty awesome… but the best part of the week was getting to see her at our last appointment!  She moved around a lot and we had a blast looking at her.  She’s measuring a few days behind – but that’s totally okay.  A smaller baby will be easier to birth, right!?  Haha I am okay with that!!!

Looking Forward To: July 19th!  Our friends from Fort Worth are throwing us a shower… I am so touched that they are doing that and am really looking forward to celebrating little princess Olaf!!!!!

Here is our latest sonogram picture, she’s getting so big!!!!!




5 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things – Bumpdate

  1. This is sooo awesome, even though I’d probably get scared if a TV control flew off my belly just like that haha! But then again, I haven’t experienced the beauty of motherhood just yet. It’s interesting to hear about how you feel about the weight gain. I think you’re doing fantastic. This is definitely one of the things I am not certain how I’ll feel about when my time comes. Keep up the great work and don’t get discouraged, you look smashing! ❤ xoxo

  2. I miss the movement so much and I’m sad that I can’t really remember what that felt like now. It was my favorite part of being pregnant. Once you can see her moving from the outside make sure to take lots of video of it! I did and I cherish those so much! 🙂 You look fantastic and I’m so glad to hear things are going smoothly! I’m kicking myself for not taking melatonin while pregnant. I didn’t discover it until after I had her and I could have really used it back then!

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