I’m Alive!

Wow, I guess I did need quite a little blog break after all!!  We have been doing SO MUCH… I just can’t even.  I’ll try to catch you guys up on all the happenings…

We went to Santa Fe!  It was a nice trip, the weather was fantastic – but I am glad to be home!  We did some shopping, went to the Opera, and ate lots of good food.  That picture is from the Pueblos we visited.  Those holes in the walls up there are old Indian houses.  People lived in those holes back in the day!  We didn’t get to hike up there for several reasons… 1) Brandon’s step mom has a broken leg so she was in a wheelchair and on crutches and 2) we didn’t really realize it was a “hike” so didn’t dress appropriately.  But it’s all good – we took a van up to the top and got to see all sorts of stuff.  And I took this cool panoramic picture on my phone:

Beautiful, isn’t it?!?!?

As far as the house goes – it’s going!  Here are the major things that we have going on right now:

Carpet – brand new carpet is being installed at the house TODAY!  We got a call from our contractor that part of the roll was damaged, so one room will have to wait until Thursday to be finished.  Luckily, we are awesome and are fine with it.  I am very excited to see how it looks today after work… we picked it in the studio, so I really hope the image in my head is what it will actually be like!!!

Refrigerator – ordered last night!  And in true Murphy’s Law fashion – we have issues!  The guy from Lowe’s called Brandon this morning to let us know that the model we picked out was back ordered… and we wouldn’t be getting it until MID AUGUST.  Unacceptable.  So he said that if we found another one, he would work a deal for us…. and he totally did!  We ended up with a nicer fridge for the same price.  Score.

Counters – we have decided to faux finish the counter tops.  She is going to get started tomorrow (I think) and I am MOST excited about this.  It’s going to look amazing!!!  Last night, Brandon removed the sink from the kitchen (& then we ordered a new one online to install after she’s done & then found out it only comes in WHITE now so we need to find another one)… I’ll try to take pictures of the process.

Office – remember how I said I had this big plan with a huge surprise for Brandon?  Well I decided against it.  What I WANTED to do was order all the furniture for his new office and get it set up and all ready to go for him as a gift.  But then I thought he may be more angry about spending the money and not getting to pick out what he wanted…. so I decided against it.

THEN I found the set I wanted on CraigsList!!!  I emailed the guy 3 or 4 times and got no response – then thought maybe my hotmail was going to his spam – so emailed him from my gmail account and BOOM!  Instant reply.   We set up a time for me to see the desk set tonight.

This morning I got an email from him saying he sold it last night.  I was (am) LIVID.  I emailed him back saying I was disappointed, and if he would have told us there was another buyer we would have gone over last night, AND paid more than he was asking.  So frustrating!!!!  So I emailed Brandon this morning and told him how I wanted to surprise him.  Then he gave me the go ahead to order the furniture I wanted (which he really liked)… and so we are all set there, too!  We pick up the boxes on Monday!!

So there you have it.  So much going on, and very little time to write about it.  I promise to get much better about taking pictures and will update you all as much as possible!

It’s also time for another “bumpdate”… hopefully I’ll get some time this afternoon to get that one ready to post!


3 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. Yay! Perfect solution to your conundrum–awesome! And you guys are knocking stuff off the list left and right–way to go. Sante Fe seems so interesting to me. My family and I visited Phoenix and Tuscon during spring break when i was 5, and I remember being quite taken with it, just finding it really fascinating. Would love to visit that area of the country again!

  2. Oh no! That must be frustrating! I cna’t stand unreliable people. Especially, unreliable stranges ahahaha! Sending you good vibes!!! Glad you were able to order something else though 🙂

    Btw pictures from your trip look absolutely amazing. I think it would be check out that old ‘rock residence’. I can’t imagine living there, but then those were different times. xoxo

  3. How fun!! So glad you guys were able to get away for a little while!! The house is coming along! Way to go Lowe’s for making you a deal on the fridge… I love the idea of B’s office, but you were right to think it through! One of my friends did that and her hubs was GRUMPY. LOL… so glad B loved the idea! Can’t wait to see the house come together!

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