Throwback Thursday – Ruidoso

**Today, we close on the house.  AND we get to see Princess Olaf.  AND we’re hoping to check out some daycares.  So – I’m busy.  I enjoyed my last week’s throwback post I thought I’d do it again.  I’ve been blogging since 2009 – and have switched blogs several times.  I went through my old entries from around this time in the past few years, and realized two years ago Brandon and I took a trip to Ruidoso with my company.  Here is a recap and some pictures from that trip, with a bonus picture of the mister before the beard!  This post is originally from TWO years ago – July 20, 2012**

So – last weekend – RUIDOSO!

It was SO much fun. The drive out there wasn’t too bad… and I actually got some pretty nifty pictures on the trusty iPhone…

When we got to the lodge we were really impressed. I wish I had taken some pictures of the room – it was an awesome little suite! There was a kitchen and a sitting area with a fireplace and a separate bedroom with a HUGE bathtub. We relaxed a bit in the room and then it was time for dinner with the company.

(that’s where I work! shhhh…)

After dinner – CASINO TIME! We originally weren’t going to go, but everyone was headed that way and it was still mildly early in the evening – so we went. It was a lot of fun, I had major success on the penny slots! The one problem – IT IS SO SMOKEY!!!! I know it’s crazy to hear me complain but seriously. Gross. To make matters worse, since the wildfires are so horrible right now – there is a ban on public smoking. If you’re caught smoking outside – it’s a $500 fine. First offense. SO – anywhere with smoking inside is the place to be for the smokers.

Didn’t win anything on this one… but thought it was a pretty kickass machine!

THIS was my big money win!! It was like a 40 cent play, and I won 35 bucks!! Too bad I don’t have more guts and could have turned 40 DOLLARS into 1,540 DOLLARS. Oh well… still… WINNING!

Now. On to Day Two.

There was a golf scramble that morning. I don’t golf, so I wasn’t going to play – and B decided to sit out. We went down to the little shopping street and walked around. I love stuff like that! We ended up getting a few things (including a Christmas present. I am so on top of things this year!)

Then we go to this one little t-shirt store.

That had wine tasting in the back.


For 5 bucks you could sample three wines, and then you got a BONUS at the end. I’ll get to that.

Those were the three I tried. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I have been on such a white wine kick… I really liked the first one, and considered getting a bottle but didn’t. Or maybe it was the third one, but I drank that one first… I can’t remember. Anyways… THIS was the bonus wine we got at the end:

Yup. That’s green wine. Green Chili Wine to be exact!!! It was…. interesting.

It smelled like green chilis, and kind of tasted like it. It wasn’t GOOD… but it wasn’t BAD either. It was, interesting. The taste was a perfect amount of it… I wouldn’t want to drink a whole glass. It would have been fun to get a bottle for everyone to taste at a party… maybe next time…

Next stop: LUNCH!

This was an adorable little outdoor cafe right on the street. It was highly suggested that we go here for lunch and order the Cubano. I had never had one before, didn’t know what to expect… but am all about eating stuff I haven’t had before. I told Brandon that I was excited to try it, as long as it wasn’t a pickle sandwich.

Guess what folks… it’s a pickle sandwich!!!!!!!

LOL! Not reeeeally, but there are pickles on it. The menu didn’t say pickles.

I hate pickles.

I took my first bite with the pickles and just couldn’t do it……. so they were removed and I enjoyed the rest of the sandwich! And Brandon ate my extra pickles!!

That night was another company dinner, and we had a great night. I really hope I get to go back next year… and I have a feeling that we may try to pull a long weekend trip just ourselves one of these days!


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