One Hundred

One Hundred Posts.


I still don’t remember why I set this goal for myself – but I have posted every weekday for one hundred days.  I think the most exciting post was this one, with this one coming in second place!  (oh yeah and this one too – that’s a cool one)…  I knew that 2014 was going to be exciting, but I had no idea!!  Baby on the way, and brand hew house (along with all the fun projects) starts on THURSDAY!

I’m not taking a long blog break, I already have a fun Throwback Thursday post scheduled… but I am going to take a little time to Treat Myself and not post something every day of the week.  I wish I had some fun giveaway or something to celebrate my 100th post, but since this blog is just my tiny little corner of the internet, the sponsors haven’t come running yet… 🙂

I really like the direction this blog has gone… 100 posts ago I was burnt out and not really feeling the whole blogging thing anymore.  I wasn’t connecting to people, or feeling inspired to share anything.  But now?  Now I have a bunch of awesome new blogs that I am following, and I am getting to know some pretty kickass women.  I feel excited to write about what is going on for us, and look forward to writing again.

I’m mostly excited because I am going to have these entries forever – and will be able to go back and remember this exciting time.  I still go back and read the entries leading up to our wedding, and the honeymoon… such a blast.  I am so glad I have this little blog!

In honor of this momentous occasion – I am going to tell you another momentous moment we had.  I think it actually is the mark of when our family REALLY began.  When Brandon told his first Dad Joke.  (sidenote – baby has a name – we aren’t going to be telling anyone until she is born because we don’t want opinions, and we want to keep something just between the two of us!)

Sarah:  I love it when you call her by her name!

Brandon:  Oh, yeah?

Sarah:  Yup.  I think it’s beautiful.

Brandon:  Oh, I thought it was Olaf.

Sarah:  ……….. Really?  Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!!

THAT, folks, is the moment where Brandon became and official Dad.  Oh man, I am in for some coooorrrnnyyyy jokes from now on!!


I am still linking up today with Olives and Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday!  This has been one of my favorite (and challenging) link ups to participate in, and while I may not be playing every week… I still plan on participating as much as I can!!


6 thoughts on “One Hundred

  1. Woohooo! What a great milestone and I love that you link up to TYT when you can 🙂 It is definitely a tricky one but also so important at the same time. P.S. I’m loving the dad joke and am LOLing in my chair 😉

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