Saturday was the first day of Summer.

Texans do not celebrate this day for obvious reasons.  It’s pretty much been summer for months now.  But anyways…

I’m stealing this little blog idea from Katrina.  Her blog is one of my favorites and she never fails to make me laugh…

Here is what (I hope) this summer is going to look like!

Eating / Pretty much whatever I want.  All the gluten.  Kidding!  Kind of… I am going to not worry about my food this summer, and enjoy the pregnancy.  I hope to still make good choices, stay away from processed crap, and keep my portions under control… but I am not going to worry about food AT ALL.

Drinking / Lots of water.  Booooorrrriiinnnggggggg……………..  hopefully I can learn a few fun mocktails to hold me over this summer.  I have yet to find another fauxjito  (virgin mojito) as good as the one I had in Vegas.  I’m still glad I took this picture because I like to stare at it and wish it was in front of me instead of on my phone.  All of the ones I have ordered since Vegas have been waaaaay too sweet.

Mastering / Motherhood.  KIDDING!  But I am going to actually read up on baby stuff.  I don’t want to go into information overload… but I’d like to have a good idea of what is about to happen.  And please don’t chime in with the “you have no idea!” because I know I don’t know and I know that even if I read all the things I still don’t know.  Shut up about it.

Learning / How to DIY!  I know a lot of time will be spent this summer on fixing up the house getting ready for Olaf.  I also know that we don’t want to spend a bunch of money, so we’re going to do a lot ourselves.  This will be an adventure!!  We wanted to do stuff to our old house… but just never did.  So I look forward to lots of projects.  Look out, pinterest.

Trying / To save some dollars.  I’d love it if we could have zero debt by the time Olaf gets here.  (Minus the mortgage and the car payments – I know that doesn’t mean zero debt – but it’s the best I can do for now!)  Small goals!

Playing / With Brandon.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  I just really hope this summer we take some time to PLAY with each other before our lives revolve around Little Miss Olaf.  I know we will love it when she is here – but I also know that we will always cherish the memories we have of just the two of us – so I hope we take advantage of the summer and get in some good new ones!  Starting with Disney!!!!

Finishing / A damn book.  Or two?  I really miss reading and I hope that I am able to pick it up again once we move.  Not that Brandon tells me not to read… but it’s hard to escape and pick up a book when we pretty much live in the same room.  First on the list is to finish the lame book I started reading that was a free download on Kindle, then I think it’s on to Game of Thrones.  I can’t handle the fact that some people know what’s going to happen next and I don’t.

Reading / Ugh – obviously I should read surveys all the way through before I fill them out!  Same answer.  Game of Thrones.  – although, I do love the fact that I am surprised by the show and will miss that if I read ahead.  If anyone else has any good book series that I could dive into – let me know!!!

Remembering / My other roles in life.  My number one annoyance is when my friends get pregnant and turn into “Mombies” – it’s like zombies but with babies.  All they can talk about is the baby, all they can think about is the baby, all they can DO is stuff with the baby.  I really want to make sure I remember that not only will I be a Mom, but I’m still a wife, sister, daughter, employee… my brain can handle more than baby stuff.

Wearing / Whatever the f&#@ I want!!!  It’s summer, and I’m pregnant.

Cooking /As much as possible!  We recently just switched over to a new meal plan (more on that later) and it’s refreshed my interest in cooking.  Plus, I’ll have a new big kitchen to cook in.  So yes.  Cooking this summer for sure.

Working / On my fitness!!  Seriously.  I really want to keep it up.  I seem to have gotten over my little exercise depression stage I went through a while ago – and am doing okay!  Not great… but I am still moving!  And I’d like to keep it that way this summer.

Traveling / First to Santa Fe for the Fourth of July… and then to DISNEY!!!  Really that’s about it.  Small chance I may be going to LA in September but that’s not really summer is it?

Wanting / For the summer to fly by – but still be a blast.  I don’t like the heat, I want to meet my baby, and I LOVE THE FALL… all reasons I want summer to go by quickly.  However, I want to make a ton of great memories!!!


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. My mom always read the books about what to expect at different stages at least one book in advance… so she always knew what was coming… so I guess maybe that works? I have no idea!! I like that you want to actually BE a mom actively… not just let it happen TO you. You’re my hero. 🙂 OOOH, Santa Fe for July 4th will be SO nice and such a good break from the heat!! But really – you should eat and wear what you want… because it’s summer and you’re having a baby!!

  2. Sounds like a great plan! I am also trying to be more aware of how much water I drink throughout the day, because most of the times I simply forget to drink… I know, sounds silly… OH and I am reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I am really loving it!!! xoxo

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