Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

Wednesdays are for taking some time to appreciate the little things, and really this week I need to do that.  We have so many BIG things coming up, I’m missing the little ones all together.

Like this blog.  This is my 96th post – and once I hit 100 I am going to take a little blog vacation before I settle in on a good posting schedule.  I’m sure you all love reading every little word I spew out, but honestly I don’t need to update this thing five times a week!  I am not that interesting.  However my blog is a little thing that I have going right now that I really do love.  I like the look of it, I like you readers, and I like these link-ups and updates.  I’m really going to like it in a few years when I look back on what I wrote about during this exciting time in my life.

However if I keep posting as much as I do now I’ll be reading a lot of random stuff.  I don’t think I’m going to want to look back on baby bangs and fake nursing bra bottles.

Anyways – another little thing?  My husband still sends me flowers for no reason.  Well, he has a reason.  This week’s reason was to “have a good week” – and they’re beautiful flowers, too.  Funny story – which I may have told before – on our wedding day, I gave him a wedding present and he told me what mine was.  I was going to have fresh flowers for an entire YEAR.  I was amazed – what a brilliant gift.  If you know me at all you know I adore fresh flowers…………

He got me one bouquet and that was it.

When I moved to Dallas and we lived apart for a few months, he just started sending them to me – about once every two or three weeks.  I was always surprised, it was always sweet… but I knew once we were together it would stop.  Hasn’t stopped and I am NOT complaining.  I love it.  I love him.

The third and final little thing that I really appreciate is my training plan.  I may have already written my schedule all the way through November 2015.  Having a plan makes me feel at ease, even though I know that it will probably change a ton… seeing it on paper makes me feel much more in control.  Here’s the general plan – a few weeks after Princess Olaf is born, I’m going to do Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution DVDs again.  They’re great, not too hard, 30 minutes each, for 3 months.  After that starts triathlon training for The Spa Girl Triathlon over Mother’s Day weekend to get me back outside.  After that I will start training for the Dumbo Double Dare that I have to skip this year, and then after that I will keep up my mileage in order to run Wine and Dine again to celebrate Princess Olaf’s first birthday.

Is it a little crazy?  Probably.  But it makes me feel much better to have a plan.

Thanks to Jess and Ashley for hosting the link-up!  See you next week!!


6 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

  1. I sure do love B and his flowers!! That’s the sweetest thing ever!!! I’ve been on the bringing of buying myself some many times over the last week or two… but then I don’t! I love that he does it for you!!!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! Your husband sounds like a keeper for sure! 😉 Also, love the Jillian Michaels dvd’s! They are super effective and such and easy (and inexpensive!) way to work out at home!

  3. All planned out on training until 2015! Crazy! I bet it does feel nice to have a plan ready to go though. Don’t forget the arm workouts you’ll be getting from carrying a baby around. You don’t even notice it, but when I started working out again my left arm (the one I always carry Aria with) was absolutely fine and my right arm was so sore. Built in weights!

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