Treat Yourself Tuesday

I am not treating myself much recently while we wait to close on the house… and I am perfectly okay with that!  I do however have a list to share with you of totally weird baby products that I will NOT be treating myself to… but I just HAD to post over here.

You can go click on the link above to look at them all… I”m just picking the ones I find most ridiculous.

Baby Bangs
Babies are great and all, but you know what would make them even better? If they weren’t so bald. These delicate hair bands with attached mop top may have been the basis for the Saturday Night Live ad spoof for baby toupees, but these appear to be 100% for real.

Temperature Test Duck
No one wants to scald their child with too-hot bath water, but we’re a bit puzzled by this ducky. You have to pick it up and turn it over to check the temp gauge underneath, at which point wouldn’t you have just felt the water?

Play-Doh Cologne
Perfume is supposed to make you feel alluring, not remind you of that time you spent an hour getting Play-Doh out of the carpet. So we don’t really get this limited-edition scent, which says “playtime” more than “sexytime.”

Baby Bum Fan
If your babe’s prone to diaper rash, you know it’s a good idea to let his nether regions air out. But you know what works well for that? Plain old air, not the kind pushed out by whirring blades aimed at the family jewels.

Baby String Bikini
Two-piece swimsuits do make for easier diaper changes, but does the bikini have to look like something straight off the beaches of Brazil? Also, reality check: these string ‘kinis, which are available in sizes starting at birth, are too tiny to actually wear with a diaper. Now that’s a pool evacuation waiting to happen.

Breastfeeding Simulator
Can’t nurse? No problem! Just strap on this comfy-looking contraption. Or, um, just buy a bottle.

Slimming Short
Haven’t lost the baby weight yet? Don’t waste your time with healthy eating or exercise. Just tug on these bike shorts fortified with caffeine to help “remove fat.” Um, we’re pretty sure that if caffeine got rid of fat, most sleep-deprived new moms would look like Kate Moss.

So there you have it – a list of ridiculous items that I will NOT be treating myself with for Princess Olaf.  They did have two things on there that I will TOTALLY buy though… a leash and this Juppy Baby Walking Aid walker helper thingie.  I won’t be getting the leash they have on that list… but a regular one I am totally down for.  Especially if my kid likes to run around like a crazy person.  And the walker thingie?  My husband has a terrible back and will not be able to bend down and walk with her holding her little hands.  Will we use it all the time?  Heck no, it will be annoying to get her in and out of it… but I want him to be able to walk her around if he wants to.  So we’re going to get it!

For those of you with little ones – what is something you thought was ridiculous before baby, but ended up needing and loving after baby?!  Anything I need to register for?!

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