How Hard Can It Be?

So over the weekend we went up to the new house to meet carpet and paint people there.  We’ve decided to try to have the whole house re-carpeted before we move in, and we’d like to get some painting done.  At first we were thinking of getting the whole house painted… but then we realized that could get a little pricey, so we decided to get rid of all the brown trim.

All that honey colored wood?  We want gone.  It is pretty much everywhere… but this room is the worst offender.  We want it all gone – including the stairs.  Sure it would be nice to paint a pretty accent wall or something like that… but we have no furniture, and have no idea what we want to do in most of the rooms… so picking a color would be silly.

After we got the estimate for the carpet, and picked our jaws up off the ground, we thought a little harder about what is realistic.  We then decided that maybe it would be the best idea to…. do it ourselves.  EEK!!!

I don’t DIY.  I mean, I kind of do… but not really.  It’s not my thing.  It honestly scares me.  Depending on the estimate we get back from the painter guy this week…. it may be our best option.  My dad offered to help, too… which scares me even more… but I think it’s going to happen.

Here’s the million dollar question though – do we attempt to do the stairs?  It’s so high up there…

So basically get ready because this is going to become my little hilarious version of Young House Love.  BUT – they are really good at what they do and I am not.  My husband is, though… so I should trust his judgement here.


Now please excuse me while I go to pinterest to read all the tutorials I possibly can…..


5 thoughts on “How Hard Can It Be?

    • Thanks Babs!!!!!! We aren’t going to paint the actual walls just yet… I think by then we will hire a professional! We’re just planning on getting rid of all that TRIM right now!

  1. You can totally do it… BUTTTT leave those stairs and high ceilings to someone else. Princess Olaf needs mommy and daddy ready to go when she makes her debut… and Gramps, too!! Shop it around. Shop it alllllll around.

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