Fitness Friday Link-Up


I don’t know why I am so excited for the weekend… but I am.  We have nothing special planned, maybe that’s it?  I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit?  We are meeting with some contractors at the new house tomorrow to get some estimates on paint and carpet… and I am taking my car in for service… suuuuuper exciting stuff, y’all!!

I am excited to see the house though…

Monday: 2 mile run, 20 minutes strength training

Tuesday45 minutes strength Rest

Wednesday: 1.5 mile run 2 mile run

Thursday: Rest

Friday1 mile run 1.5 mile run

Saturday: 30 minutes cross, 20 minutes strength

Sunday: Rest

I ran a little further than I was supposed to… which is a NICE change from me bailing on exercise all together.  I ended up needing a rest day on Tuesday – because it has been a LONG time since I did any strength training.  The few lunges and squats I did on Monday – I felt BIG TIME on Tuesday.  I plan on using the long strength training Tuesdays to do a DVD I got – but I knew I needed to let my muscles rest this time, until I get a little more used to the moves again.

Saturday I can’t decide if I should just hit the gym and do what the plan says, or if I may be up to a body pump class or something else.  I think it will depend on what time the class is, seeing as we have to be at the new house by 9.  I am pretty pumped about my new schedule – the weeks will stay the same and the mileage will increase a little bit… but not too much.  I’m starting to feel a little bit better about everything now that I have more realistic goals.

Deciding to end my year of racing just FOUR races away from my goal was a tough one, but I know it’s best for Princess Olaf and me.  I still may be able to make it, if some really fun races come up… but no pressure!  It also helps a bit that I may have already planned out my 2015 “back in the game” training plan.  As of now – right when I get cleared for exercise I am going to re-do the Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution for 3 months to get back into decent shape.  Then I am going to train for the Spa Girl Tri in May 2015, and then slowly train for Wine and Dine half 2015.  I am going to do the same training plan I did for the first one – it’s LONG and slow building of miles – but it was great, and it will be great again.

Once I am back up to where I was last winter, I’ll toss in all the races my pretty little heart desires.  🙂

Thanks to Jill Conyers for hosting, the link-up!  Be sure to stop by and check out her awesome blog and the other blogs participating!


4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

  1. You are seriously inspiring with how well you are keeping up with your fitness during your pregnancy! It really will make it easier to bounce back once Olaf is born. Is it okay if I still call her Olaf? ❤

    • Thanks!! Hah I was telling myself that this morning on my slow as s*** run… “this will make it easier after she’s here…” over and over and over and over!

      And yes – she will be Olaf until she is born and we tell everyone what her real name is – for now it’s Princess Olaf.

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