Workout Review – Pregnancy Project

Okay so one of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was buy Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project DVD. Right around the time we started talking about babies I heard she was filming it, and thought to myself “I hope it’s available when I get pregnant!” (hahahahaha) …. luckily since it’s kind of “old news” now – I was able to get it for cheap on Amazon.

The basic idea is there is one DVD for each month of your pregnancy.  And SHE is pregnant during the workouts, too.  I am not a big Tracy Anderson fan – I don’t like how she feels like her “method” is the ONLY way to work out and that everything else is ridiculous.  I firmly believe that you should find what works best for your body and go from there.  Me?  I run/bike/swim.  When it comes to DVDs… I like circuit training.  Love me some Jillian Michaels.  Lets jump up and down and then lift things and then jump more!

I know this is not what I need to be doing while pregnant.

SO – enter this DVD.  I got it to start doing randomly throughout the week, whenever I felt like I had the energy to do a little more than what is on my training schedule.  Have I mentioned that I am terrified of becoming a giant blob?  I have seen too many women completely wreck themselves during pregnancy and I do not want to be one of them.  I know I’ll get big but I intend on staying as active and healthy as I can.

The DVD is not really my style.  I feel a little uncoordinated while doing it… and I don’t feel like I’m working out much.  UNTIL THE NEXT DAY – holy sore.  I only did the “month two” dvd once, and I did the “month three” a few weeks ago as well.  Both were good workouts, I worked up a bit of a sweat, and was incredibly sore for a few days after.  However?

Not my style.

I have zero desire to do any of the other workouts.  I’m thinking of selling the DVD if anyone wants to give it a shot… it IS a good workout, but the dancy style moves just aren’t for me.

I do have two other pregnancy workout DVDs I have yet to try – I will let you know when I give them a shot.

Oh well, can’t win ’em all!!


One thought on “Workout Review – Pregnancy Project

  1. One of my friends actually did yoga throughout her entire pregnancy and not only did she look amazing but she had an easy delivery too!! Not sure if they are related or not, butttttt it worked for her!

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