Treat Yourself Tuesday

The other day I was messing around on the computer planning fake vacations.  I do this a lot.  Then, magically, or not so magically, all these Disney ads kept popping up.  I thought to myself about how bummed out I am that I will not be running Wine and Dine this year with all my girls… and how much I just love Disney.

Then I had an idea.

I fake planned this freaking AWESOME trip to Disney for us to have the worlds most epic babymoon.  I asked him if he would at least just THINK about taking the trip… and he agreed.

Later that night we were over at my parents’ house and COMPLETELY out of nowhere my dad said “We really need to all go back to Disney”.  I started laughing and told him the story I just told you.  I totally planned a fake trip and it actually was QUITE affordable.

His next statement?

Book it.


I’M GOING TO DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!  Well – WE’RE going.  And I could NOT be more excited.  We leave August 30th!!!  I am even more excited because my parents are coming with us.  As fun as we would have had just the two of us – my parents are our favorite travel buddies.  We have such a good time together… I just can’t even contain my excitement.  I already have the trip planned out – just need to wait until we hit the 60 day mark so I can schedule our fast passes.

This will be a muuuuuch different trip than usual, seeing as I will be 7.5 months pregnant.  I have done some research (and will be doing a lot more) so we will still have a great time.  I won’t be riding the crazy rides (which will make my mother and my husband happy!) but am going to take the opportunity to do NEW things I typically wouldn’t do if I wasn’t pregnant.

For instance?  The Keys to the Kingdom tour.  It’s a five hour (yes – FIVE) walking tour through the Magic Kingdom where you learn all this awesome secret Disney stuff.  I’m about 95% sure we’re going to do it – but it’s one of those things you need to pay in advance for… so I am going to wait until after we close on the house before booking it.  Trying to spend as little as possible from now until the 26th!

So I apologize in advance if this blog becomes very Disney oriented – we all know that I love looking forward to things and I looooove planning things… and so this is perfect!  It really rounds out the long wait to meet Princess Olaf!

June – Closing on the HOUSE!

July – Going to Santa Fe, Moving into the house!

August – DISNEY!

September – Our 5 year anniversary!

October – My birthday!!

November – BABY TIME!!!!!

Plus I know there will be tons of other exciting things filling in the cracks – but life is just sooooo much more fun for me when I have great things to look forward to.

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5 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. How I have never thought of this before?! I wonder if my hubby would also say to book it. I know one thing for sure, I’d be ecstatic, haha!!! It sounds like you have a few of really exciting months lined up. I am super happy for you! Make sure to savor every single moment of it ❤ xoxo Olena

  2. So that’s pretty much perfect and I love how it all totally worked out!! I’m also jealous that you can travel with your parents and enjoy it so much!!

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