National Running Day – My Bucket List

So yesterday was National Running Day and I didn’t run.

I’ll get into it more tomorrow in my Fitness Friday post… but I am just not feeling it.  Remember last week?  I just have no motivation.  Plus, running is starting to hurt (I can REALLY feel those ten extra pounds)… and the open water swim part of the aquathlon was starting to make me nervous (what if I get kicked?!?)….. so…. I’m out.  More on that tomorrow.

Today I am going to celebrate National Running Day a day late.  Because yesterday I was bummed about it.

Since I did not run on Wednesday, and I am not planning on running today, but I DO plan on running again… I want to show you guys my dream races.  Because we all know that I am most excited about races… they are the best way for me to stay motivated.  I think it would be amazing to go run some international races, or even maybe one day run BOSTON (but only when I’m super old because the qualifying times for my age group are way too fast for this turtle).  However, I’m keeping this list practical – these are all races I think that maybe one day I can actually do!!

5) Dallas – I know it’s not exciting… but it’s on the list.  2013 was iced out, and so I completed the 13.1 that day on the damn treadmill, just to say I did it.  2014 was going to be awesome because I was going to get VIP status and receive BOTH medals (13 and 14) when crossing the finish line……. but I will be like 6 weeks postpartum and so it’s not happening.  However.  One day.  I will run the Dallas Half Marathon…. you better believe!

4) Disney Princess Half – I know it is shocking that this wasn’t my first half marathon.  (Wine and Dine all the way, baby!!)  But seriously I am dying to do this race.  Especially after running Tinkerbell…. this is totally going to happen, one day.  As of now, I am planning on doing this race in 2016 with the same girls from Tinkerbell.

3) Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half-Marathon – because, wine.  Seriously.  You start in Napa and  you finish in Sonoma and it’s the freaking Food and Wine festival.  How could you not want to do this?!?  Plus, I know I could get the whole family to come along

2) The Maui Marathon and Half-Marathon  – This one is a no-brainer.  I don’t know which one I want to do but I know I want to do one of them.  I know I want to DO a full marathon one day so maybe this one should be it?!  Maui is my happy place and I can’t imagine a cooler race.  The one thing that kind of sucks… is it’s not during whale season.  However it IS close to our anniversary (September) so it could be a good excuse to take another trip out there.  Like we need any more reasons to go to Maui…

1) THE DOPEY CHALLENGE – I will do this.  I will do this.  I will do this.  One day, I will do this.  I’m seriously hoping to do it in 2020… that’s the plan as of now.  I want to do it after all the babies, and I think I will be done with the babies by then.  This is my biggest goal, and I know one day I will wear all 6 of those medals around my neck and it will be the ACTUAL BEST.

So there you have it.  My dream races.  I really do believe that one day I will get to do them all!!  Realistically I think in 2015 I can cross Dallas off the list… 2016 for Princess… maybe 2017 for Napa… then let’s skip a year and do 2019 for Maui (so we can celebrate our 10 year anniversary at the same time, and hell let’s go for that full marathon) and then 2020 Dopey!!  That actually sounds like a pretty dang good plan!!!



6 thoughts on “National Running Day – My Bucket List

  1. Hehe! Love these! I think, it’s absolutely normal that you’re taking a break from running. When you do go back though, try to go for a jog without any gadgets, do this for the pure enjoyment of it! ❤ xoxo

  2. Every now and then, brain and mind need a break. You had a huge, huge month of May, and now you are likely experiencing not only hormonal changes but also a MASSIVE adrenaline let down. And you know how needy girls are–Olaf is probably already asking for money and phones and ponies and to go out with her boyfriend. Cut yourself some slack, take a bubble bath (I know how you like those ;)) and then tomorrow, rejig your game plan. Or, slap yourself in the face Cher in Moonstruck style.
    Good luck, lovely!

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