Treat Yourself Tuesday

It’s Treat Yourself Tuesday!!!

I have been doing much better about treating myself.  Especially to treating myself to leftover baby girl cake.  Which I did, a few times…

This past weekend, Brandon and I went to a local community theater production of Avenue Q, then went to dinner, then got frozen yogurt on a spontaneous date night.  (well, not that spontaneous – we got the tickets about a month ago!) But still… date night!

More on this later – but I am treating myself to some REST this week.  And upcoming weeks.  Lots of rest.

And most exciting… we are treating ourselves to BABY STUFF!!!  I’m trying not to buy too much until we move into the house – because we have no place to put things – but I could NOT resist the following:

Minnie Mouse socks.  The cutest thing ever.

Adorable sleeper that has a matching hat.

Cutest pink and black outfit ever with an adorable bib.  Girl clothes are SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

I also have purchased a “where is my glass slipper?” onesie, and a twinkie tush diaper that has Anna and Elsa on it, and I think that’s it.  Also?  I am on the desperate search for a stuffed Olaf.  I know this will be next to impossible because Frozen stuff is really hard to come by…. but if anyone sees a stuffed Olaf… I neeeeeeed it!!!!  I’m sure I can find it online but… I wanna find it in real life!

So is this how being a Mom works?  Treating myself is really treating the baby?  Because this is way fun and I’d much rather buy her ruffle butt pants than get a pedicure.

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