Online Sex Party

Okay so really this is a SEX party because gender = between the ears and sex = between the legs.  I don’t really care about the difference between sex and gender (unlike most of the internet on baby message boards do…) mostly I am calling it a “sex party” because it is just too hilarious for me NOT to.

So lets just get right down to it and CUT THE DAMN CAKE!!!!

But first… the story.

We got to the doctor’s office at 9 am sharp, and had to wait a little bit for the scan.  It was, as always, super exciting to get to see little Olaf on the big screen.  We got a few more action shots… watched him/her suck on BOTH thumbs at the same time.  Then we went to his/her feet and noticed that baby has Brandon’s toes (really long big toes!)… absolutely adorable.  So the sonographer starts burrowing around when she tells us that baby is breach with the cord between the legs!  Nice!  Thanks, Olaf!!

SO – I got up, peed, danced around a little bit, and sat back down.  We got out the *other* sonogram wand (ugh) and tried that way.  Then she told us to look away!!  That was SO SO SO SO HARD!!!!  We both shut our eyes and I was complaining the entire time about how hard it was.  Then she was done.  And I looked at her and I was like “so, you for sure know?” and she just smiled and said “YUP!”


Someone knew if Olaf was a boy or girl and it wasn’t me and I was going bonkers.  She put the money shot picture into an envelope… and we were set.

It’s right in there.  And I didn’t even open it.  (Sorry for the big ol heart… internet privacy, yo!)

Anyways – everything with Olaf looked amazing, as usual, which is such an incredible blessing.  We chatted with the doctor a little bit, chatted with the insurance lady a little bit, got a little bit more blood drawn, and we were out of there!  Brandon had to take some paperwork by our mortgage folks, so sent me to drop off the envelope at the bakery.  ALL ALONE.  HE TRUSTED ME WITH THE ENVELOPE ALONE!!

At this point it was way too fun, and there was no way I wanted to spoil the surprise!  I dropped off the picture, and went to work.  And yes, the work day was torture.  I was so excited I could barely sit in my chair.  All I wanted to do was find out!!!  It was so crazy knowing that people KNEW and I didn’t!!  Right after work Brandon and I picked up the cake, took the dog over to Mom’s house to play, and headed to dinner.

To the only place we could imagine doing something so special…

We got there and handed the cake off – and that was it!  Our favorite server Juli was there and she was amazing.  She immediately brought me a mocktail and told us how excited she was!!  Brandon and I were loving  this – seriously it was the most fun night ever.  I’ll skip over the dinner… although we did decide that we need to eat there on Thursdays more often… the food was especially delicious that night… but anyways.  Dinner was good.  Time for dessert.

They brought out the cake, and Juli agreed to videotape.  We were so nervous (although I’m not sure why… we would have been happy either way!!!) maybe it was because we had a TON of people watching… which was also kind of fun!



Olaf is a girl.  A GIRL!  I am going to have a daughter.  I am so excited I haven’t been able to get a full night’s sleep… it is going to be so much FUN!!

PRINCESS OLAF!!!!!!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Online Sex Party

  1. I watched this in my office and I’m seriously bawling everywhere. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! This is just amazing and I’m so glad you got it on video!!!

    I don’t think I really have to tell you this because I’m sure you can tell from like every post I’ve ever made, but being a girl mom is absolutely the most fantastic thing. (I’m sure being a boy mom is too, but I just don’t know what my life would be like without my Betty.) ❤

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