Fitness Friday Link-Up

Another week down… another week closer to my next race!  I haven’t officially registered yet, I should do that today… but for some reason I just can’t get excited about it.  This will be my first open water race, which is exciting… but I am just not excited.  Maybe it will get more exciting the closer it gets?  Maybe I’m not excited because I don’t feel like I am pushing myself?  Although I totally am… the run distance is just a 5K but the swim is almost twice as long as the triathlon… AND it’s open water!

Maybe I’m just in a funk… I’ll snap out of it soon!  Especially when my training plan kicks in more.  I really modified it this time to fit what I am training for, and so I still keep my Thursday rest days.  I pretty much doubled the swim times, so that should be fun!

Monday: Swim 300 yards, Run 2.5 miles

Tuesday: Bike 6 miles

Wednesday: Swim 600 yards

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Bike 8 miles

Saturday: Run 5K

Sunday: Rest

I know I will get out of my funk soon… has anyone else been through this before?  Am I still a little bummed because the tri is over?  Maybe that’s it.  I have no fun fitness things to blab about really… lets just shake out this FUNK!

Wanna know what IS exciting?  Baby Olaf.  Last night was exciting… WE KNOW!!!  It was SO MUCH FUN the way we did it too…….. and you will hear ALL ABOUT IT…

ON MONDAY!!!  Gotta keep the suspense up just a little while longer…….. !!

❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks to Jill Conyers for hosting Fitness Friday!  Be sure to stop by and check out her awesome blog and the other blogs participating in the Fitness Friday Link-Up!


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