Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

I am so excited.  Twenty bucks says I will hardly get any sleep tonight.

Ok, so.  We are finding out of Olaf is a boy or a girl, like, tomorrow.  That’s my little thing this week.  IS there a little thing?  Or is there NO little thing?!?  Aaaahhh!!!!!

Originally we were going to wait until the baby was born, but we just can’t.  I mean we CAN… but we don’t want to.  We want to know!!!!!  So we decided that we would do a “gender reveal” with our family.  Get the cake and have people over and it would be so much fun!!

The only problem with that is our family is huge, and everyone’s schedule is crazy.  After a good 5 or 6 weeks trying to pin down a date to do it… we finally got to a date that might work for everyone……….. at the END of JULY.  Ummmmmmm…. that’s too long to wait.  So last night at dinner we decided that maybe the whole gender reveal party was just too much, and we would find out just the two of us.

So we are.


Now we are trying really hard to think of a special way to do it.  I don’t think we will have them just tell us at the appointment… I think we want to do something different.  We may still do the cake thing – I need to call the bakery and see if we brought in the envelope tomorrow morning, if we could pick up a cake that afternoon… just a really small one we could take to dinner or something.  We may go to dinner and just give the waitress the envelope and have her bring us a pink drink or a blue drink.  We may go get a boy onesie and a girl onesie and ask the checkout person to wrap up whatever the envelope says…  there are a lot of ideas.  Nothing is really sticking out to me though, so hopefully we can get the cake.  Because, well… cake.

Do you guys have any ideas?!

Here are 10 Creative Ways to Reveal Baby’s Gender from The Bump… and why I think they suck.  (because this wouldn’t be my blog without a little snark now would it?!)

Balloon Release – Have a party and open a giant package while all your guests look on. Inside will be pink helium balloons if it’s a girl. Blue balloons if it’s a boy. Or, pop a balloon with pink or blue confetti inside.  ……… good idea in theory, but you have to have someone make the box with the balloons and that is one less person you get to tell.  AND I wouldn’t trust the kids at the party store.

Make It a Game – Have guests guess baby’s gender. At the end of the party, announce what it is. Everyone who guessed correctly gets a trinket to take home with them. ……… we’d have to already know in order to do that!!

Gender Reveal Desserts – The original idea is to have your favorite baker create a blue or pink cake, topped with white (or chocolate!) frosting. Then, gather friends and family to slice the cake and discover whether it’s a boy or girl. New twists include cookies with pink or blue batter in the middle, and custom fortune cookies with messages inside that reveal the gender. ……… THIS is something I can get behind, because, cake.

Get Big Bro or Big Sis In On the Action – If you have an older child, let him (or her!) announce baby’s gender by wearing a shirt that says, “I’m getting a baby brother!” or “I’m getting a baby sister!” ……… okay but we don’t.  I suppose we could make Hula a shirt but that takes too much time and effort.

Alter the Ultrasound Pic – Love Photoshopping your favorite photos? Do it to baby’s ultrasound pic! Add a pink bow or a blue tie to baby’s sonogram, frame it and send it to his or her future grandparents. ……… SEND it?  I need face time when delivering news like that!!!

Have Fun With Maternity Photos – Have photos taken of your pregnant belly with either pink or blue booties, or baby blocks that spell out “girl” or “boy.” ……… I HATE MATERNITY PHOTOS I really really do sorry but I can’t stand them.

Send Care Packages – Have gifts delivered to the grandparents-to-be. On the tag, write, “Baby is a…” Inside, layer pink and blue tissue, nested boxes, confetti — and whatever else you can find to keep them guessing! At the bottom, a boy’s outfit, or a girl’s outfit will be waiting for them to find. ……… again with the sending!!  I could maybe do this and GIVE it to my mom – but even if she didn’t live close to me I would still need to see her reaction.

Choose the Right Outfit – Keep it simple. Just wrap a pink or blue scarf or ribbon around your belly. If your family lives far away, have your picture taken wearing it, and send the photo to them. ……. keep your belly covered okay thanks.

Ultrasound Party – Here’s an over-the-top idea! Hire an ultrasound technician to come to your living room, so you can discover baby’s gender with your friends and family there to witness the whole thing, live and in-person. ……… CREEPY

Family Photo – Have a picture taken of your feet, your partner’s and an empty pair of baby girl or baby boy shoes. ……… okay kind of cute but still doesn’t leave any surprise for US!

So I seriously need some ideas on how WE can make finding out a little more special!  I’m 99% sure I will stick with the tiny cake idea… but who knows!!  I am just SO ready to find out!!!  (and hopefully if Olaf is a good baby and flashes the goods for us tomorrow… YOU will find out soon too… but I will have to leave you in suspense for just a little while longer!!)

Thanks to Jess and Ashley for hosting the link-up!  See you next week!!


6 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

  1. I vote for the cake, the onsie (if anyone is cool enough to play along), orrrrrrrrr the drink…. except you better make sure that you get one. Maybe take your parents to dinner with you? What about B’s parents – where are they? (Can you tell I live in a world fraught with complications if people get left out yet?) So maybe it should just be you and B… AHH. SO EXCITING. Just let me know where so I can be a fly on the wall?

    • 😀 My dad is out of town, brandon’s mom and step dad are out of town, and brandon’s dad and step mom live in LA… so that’s why we decided to just do it ourselves! i don’t know where we are going to have dinner yet… we kind of want to go somewhere new, but kind of want to go somewhere we love too………..

  2. We found out ourselves at the ultrasound. And, it was awesome! Honestly I think no matter how you find out what your offspring’s sex is going to be…it is going to rock =) We did a party though soon thereafter with a double layer cookie cake reveal with pink in the middle! It was so fun. There was no way we could stand to wait! It gets so ‘real’ after that. You can officially have a name and get clothes and decorate, oh it’s the best! Have fun finding out!

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