Treat Yourself Tuesday

Having Monday off is completely throwing off my week!!  It is already Tuesday!!

After buying the house – treating myself has been pushed to a minimum.

The house is going well… still have a while before we close and get to move, but everything is going pretty well.  We had the inspection, no major issues, the owner is going to fix a few things here and there before we move in… and I am soooooo ready!!

We met my mom’s good friend & her fiance at the house yesterday afternoon.  They are designers and they are going to help us set up some painters and carpet people to come in and give us estimates.  There is a chance we are going to paint and get all new carpet before we actually move in.  That’s the smartest way to go… hopefully it won’t be tooooo expensive and we can pull it off!  I know for sure we want to paint all the trim and paneling white, and then pick a few walls to accent with some sort of color.

Here is the color palette, thanks to Pinterest, that we are going to go with:

The pin says “Take any set of 3 of these colors and each room would be amazing. A palette for the whole house!” – which I think we are going to try to do.  We’re not very good at this kind of stuff… so a nice cheat sheet like this is perfect. The only color it’s missing is some type of red.  We have a lot of red in our existing decor… but I think it’s easy enough to get in there organically!

This week I have been treating myself in my mind a lot – just thinking about all the options we have for the new house.  Diane (our designer) even told me she has a faux finish lady who can turn our fermica countertops into a fake granite… which is awesome.  We totally want to update the kitchen one day – but it will be one day way down the line.  So if we can do a little “phase 1” fix to the kitchen to make it a little nicer in the meantime… awesome!  I found this picture on google… if it ends up looking something like this I am totally on board:

Not bad, huh?!?!

Be sure to stop by Olives and Wine to check out the link up and read other blogs in the link up!  Have a great (short) week!!!


3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. SO EXCITING!! Love the colors!! It’s going to be perfect and gorgeous!! I would totally paint ahead of time! Thank goodness for people you know helping you with that stuff. It’s beyond scary to me!

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