So I know you guys are all as excited as I am that we found a house.  It took forever, but at the same time was very quick.  Let me explain…

The market in our area is terrible.  There is a two WEEK supply of homes in our price range.  As soon as we moved here, we started looking.  We weren’t looking very seriously, because we didn’t want to have to break our lease at the apartment, and we wanted some more time to save money for a down payment… but we did look.  Over the past few months we got a little more serious… (remember this?) but nothing ever really came up.

We saw a few open houses, emailed about a few properties we saw online – but everything went quickly.  There was one house we saw at an open house that I really loved… but after seeing it in person it was just too small.  The official “okay, lets get a house” only kicked in about 2 or 3 weeks ago… so when we walked in to the house we did eventually go under contract on… it felt REALLY fast!  However… if you know, you know!!  So it’s like we have been looking for a solid year, but as soon as it became “official” this house fell into our laps!  (God thing? Yes?)

We spent Tuesday afternoon over there with the inspectors, and will be going back this evening to go over the report with our realtor.  I’m also hoping to get in there on Sunday with my mom’s good friend (who just so happens to be a decorator) to get her opinion of what we should do before moving all of our stuff in.  We’ve decided that the renovations we want to get done relatively soon will be in three phases:

Phase 1:  Paint in the living areas (dining room, living room, den, hallways, bedrooms, office…) and potentially all new carpet.

Phase 2: Kitchen (paint, cabinets, sink, counter top… appliances are brand new!)

Phase 3: Master bathroom (mostly the tile floor, looks okay but it is a little wonky and needs to be fixed!)

Phases 2 & 3 may get flipped… we don’t know.  But it’s a start!  I want to go back and pay more attention to how Young House Love organizes all the projects they have… it will be exciting!  And I know as soon as little Olaf comes, all the house stuff will be put on hold.  Which may be why I am really wanting to get as much done as possible NOW!  (Phases 2 and 3 will probably be next year… or the year after!)

So now I will leave you with a few of the pictures that were on the web posting.  I tried to take new pictures on my phone when we were there earlier… but empty rooms just aren’t very exciting.

The outside, which you have seen before.  It’s adorable and red brick – and I LOVE the window screens.  I have always wanted window screens like that… and there they are!  They are on all the windows, too… not just the front.  The top floor windows are the baby’s room… under that is the office… then it’s the dining room, front door, and then the living room!

The entryway!  I love the window in the door.  I don’t *think* it will freak me out when Brandon isn’t home… once again, God BLESS those screens!  We also have a storm door on the outside that has the same dark screen over it.

The dining room!  It’s small… but perfect for us.  My parents are going to be re-doing some stuff at their house, and will be getting rid of a table that will work perfect in this little space!  I’m also thinking of getting two corner cabinets for around the window, instead of a longer china cabinet.  I will also have the table going the other direction.

The living room!  Originally I was thinking of putting the TV over the fireplace, but the logistics of that may be challenging.  I need some ideas on what to do in here… Do I put the TV on the wall with the TX star?  Do we call a home theater place to put it over the TV?  I don’t like how this guy’s TV covers the window.  As far as furniture… right now we will have our green sectional sofa for this room.  I am open to using the sectional in the den and getting new stuff for this room.  One day.

The den!  This is just on the other side of the stairs behind the living room.  This is going to be the hardest room for me – because it will be EMPTY for a while!  We have nothing here.  Eventually this will be the “kids room” with kid stuff… eventually.  If Olaf wasn’t on his/her way, this would be the new wine room.  I don’t know what I am going to do without my wine room…

The kitchen!!!!  Totally workable.  I am very excited to have an island… and it’s okay that I only have one oven.  I’m even thinking of when we do renovate the kitchen… cutting out a pass through above the sink.  It would look right in to the den…  lots of ideas brewing.  The little eat in part of the kitchen is where the photographer is standing.  That will probably be the “wine area” since I don’t get a whole room for it in this house.

Olaf’s room!  It is upstairs, right across the hall from our room.  It’s adorable and I LOVE the windows.  As soon as we find out if this little fetus is a HE or a SHE we can start thinking of nursery decorations!!  I’m thinking no matter what – Vintage Disney.  Dumbo.  When you wish upon a star.

The master bedroom!  It’s maybe the biggest one we have ever had.  There is plenty of room for a king sized bed, and a sitting area, and that little desk is all mine!  We will probably end up hanging a TV under those lights… but still.  My desk!

The master bath… aaaaaah oasis.  It’s a little dated… but I don’t care.  Also?  You cant see this… but the tub has jets.  HOORAY!!  And how cute is that stained glass window!?  It is also important to note that there are TWO walk in closets so I don’t have to worry about my mess getting in the way of Brandon’s organization.  It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.

And finally, the backyard.  The house backs up to a greenbelt so there are no neighbors behind us, and you can’t really see the neighbors on the side at all.  This is maybe one of my favorite parts of the house.  It’s also neat because the house faces north – so the shade in the evenings is absolutely glorious.  There is no pool, which I wanted, but I know in the long run it is better for us NOT to have one.  They are expensive and time consuming… and my parent’s have a pool we can use whenever we want.

So there you go – a little house preview!  There is also an eat in part of the kitchen, laundry room, guest room, office, two other bathrooms, and an adorable little landing.  I think this place is just absolutely perfect for us.  We do have a few things to fix here and there, but I am confident that we will be happy here for AT LEAST MORE THAN TWO YEARS BECAUSE I AM NOT MOVING AGAIN.



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