Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

I was going to post more about the house today, but that’s not really a “little” thing.  Last weekend Brandon and I went to his 10 year high school reunion – which also isn’t a “little thing” (omg we are getting old…) however we filled the weekend with lots of little things!!

We decided to stay downtown at the Omni hotel, just a few blocks from the bar where the reunion was being held.  We spent the afternoon at the hotel watching the horse race, visited with his friends before the reunion, and had a lot of fun that evening.  The reunion was pretty small… it was mostly his group of friends (who all hang out regularly) with a few other miscellaneous high school people thrown in there…

The next morning we met his friends for brunch before heading back to our neck of the woods.  But first… we went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  They were right across the street from the hotel, and it was a little thing that we did that I will remember for a long time.  The weather was beautiful, we walked around, talked about the baby, and had such a lovely morning.





That’s our hotel… awesome, isn’t it?  We have stayed there once before and it is a really neat place!  This weekend was incredibly busy with weddings and a prom… and about 100 bachelorette parties!!  And just because I can’t resist… here’s a picture we took at the reunion.  I think it’s one of the better ones we have taken over the past few years!  Hello little baby bump!!!

Thanks to Jess and Ashley for hosting the link-up!  See you next week!!


4 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

  1. So. My mom and dad totally did the same thing at the water gardens when they were pregnant with me!! There’s even photographic evidence!

  2. Hehe, I had my 10 year high school reunion last summer!! Where does time go??!! Ahhh!!! 😉 Gorgeous pictures, too!! Such a picture of you two!! XOXO!!!

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