Treat Yourself Tuesday

Well this will be exciting.

I treated myself big-time this week.  Well, WE treated OURSELVES.

Like, huge.

We treated ourselves to…..

are you ready???


Yup.  That’s right.  On Friday – we bought a house.  I saw it online and knew immediately we had to see it in person.  There was an open house scheduled for Sunday – and the way this market works – if the house would have opened up this weekend, it would have started a bidding war.  Not to mention we wouldn’t be able to go to the open house on Sunday anyways.

So I called my realtor and she set up a showing for Thursday after work.  We saw the house – I loved it immediately.  Not only is it adorable, but it’s in a great neighborhood (the SAME neighborhood that my childhood house is in, just a few blocks away!) but it’s the perfect blend of old and new.  It needs just enough updating to be fun, and nothing needs to be done immediately.

We also went by two other houses in the neighborhood that were more expensive, and nowhere near as amazing.  After those two we went back to this one… and the mister was sold.  I think what sealed the deal was when we ran into a neighbor in the alley.  She talked our ear off for 5 minutes about how great the neighbors are, how she’s lived here for 19 years, how much they love it…. this is totally the place for us.

We came home and looked at the comps – every house (with the exception of one) that sold in that neighborhood went for 10-15K over the asking price.  We were nervous.

We put in an offer that night.

Friday?  The deal was done!  (and we came in just under asking!  bargain hunters for the win!!!)

We went back on Sunday to look at it one more time (because why not?!) and to make everything official.

Oh, hello belly!!!!  Yikes!!!

We close at the end of June.  So get ready for a house heavy blog.  When we moved from Lubbock we sold EVERYTHING so this house is going to be pretty empty for a while!  It will be fun to get to start shopping and decorating and oh MAN I cannot wait……

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8 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. So exciting!! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!!! That’s so cool that it’s near your childhood home!! Can’t believe the crazy comps – you totally scored!!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! So exciting!! Congrats 🙂 That house is super pretty!! I love the blend of old/new too!

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