It’s The Little Things – Bumpdate

Time for another one of these little “bumpdates”, don’t you think?  The last one was at “8 weeks” (really 9 weeks) – and I totally have a belly sticker to take a 12 week picture buuuuuut I failed.  Again.  So please pretend this sticker says 14 almost 15 weeks and lets go!

I wish I could take all of these photos in the same place… but since I know we are moving, I didn’t want to put unrealistic expectations on these.  Plus, if we picked somewhere like my parents’ house that wouldn’t change… they’d never get taken!!


Baby Olaf 12 Week “Bumpdate”

Weight Gain: The last time I was at the doctor it was only 5 lbs.  I am pleased!  But now that I am done triathlon training I fear the lbs will start to pack on… must… stay… active!!!!

Stretch Marks:  None yet

Movement: YES!  So cool.  Friday May 2nd I kept feeling this tickle in my stomach like an itch I couldn’t scratch.  It was mildly annoying – until my mother told me that’s what it feels like at first when the baby moves.  So now I really look forward to those little tickles!  I haven’t felt a kick or anything real substantial yet… but those little itches are pretty damn cool.

How I’m Feeling: Great.  I’m tired, but I’d be tired if I wasn’t pregnant.  I know I am so lucky to have made it through the first trimester with no puking and no real morning sickness.

Sleep: SUCKS.  I can’t fall asleep, and I can’t stay asleep.  Yesterday morning I woke up at 4 am for no reason.  I am tossing and turning like crazy and I know it’s only going to get worse.  The good news is that Brandon and I have decided to go ahead and take the plunge and buy a King sized bed.  Even though it will take up most of our room… it will be worth it.  We’re going this weekend so I can lay on the one he found last weekend… and hopefully next week sometime we will have a new, big bed!!!

Food: So much better.  I don’t have to eat every hour in order to feel human, so that’s nice!  I’m still eating things I didn’t eat before pregnancy – gluten is my favorite food – but the constant snacking is over.  Thank goodness, because I didn’t like that at all.  I’m also still working on controlling my portions, which isn’t going as well as I hoped it would.  I also haven’t been really cooking… but I’m not blaming that on pregnancy completely.  My apartment kitchen makes me angry and I don’t like being in it.  Which makes it hard to get motivated to cook…

Workouts: Great!!!  I successfully finished my triathlon training plan, and this week I am just floating.  I hope to have a new schedule in the books for the next few months… just need to find a new race to make my goal.  It will be fun to start to mix it up a bit, too… I did another Tracy Anderson workout yesterday morning, and am thinking of hitting up a Body Pump class this weekend.

Maternity Clothes:  Maternity leggings are my best friend.  Seriously, I am never wearing regular leggings again in my life.  Ever.

Baby Items:  I have three diapers… but that’s it so far!  I need to start making a list of all the things we need to get, but I don’t think we will get serious about shopping until we have moved into a house.  On another note… where do people get cribs?  The only ones I have seen in real life are at Pottery Barn and while I love them – that shiz is expensive!!!  I just want something normal… target maybe?

Best Moment This Week: Finishing the triathlon as a team of two.

Looking Forward To: May 29th.  We’re going to go ahead and get the elective gender sonogram… but still won’t know that day!  The results will go in an envelope… and the envelope will go to the bakery… and the bakery will make a cake!  We have to wait a long time until most of the family can get together… so we probably won’t know until Father’s Day weekend… but it has been decided!  We want to know!!!!

And here you go… just for comparison:

I should have paid better attention and done the same thing with my hands.  Oh well.  Hah!  Be sure to check out Jess and Ashley‘s blogs for other wonderful ladies linking up for “It’s the Little Things!”



3 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things – Bumpdate

  1. LOVE THIS!!!!! As for cribs, Target, Buy Buy Baby? And yes, pottery barn and restoration hardware? Maybe check out the outlets? YOU ARE HAVING A BABY!! 🙂

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