I Did It!

OMG you guys… I am a triathlete!!!!!!

The weekend was a total blast.  I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to do it again next year.  I also wish I could sign up for another triathlon right NOW but I know I need to start to take it easy.  I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it was.  I will have a full race recap later this week, don’t you worry.

Friday morning Mom and I left and began the drive to San Antonio.  We stopped in West for kolaches (duh) and then made it to the outlet mall in San Marcos with plenty of time for some serious shopping.  We had a lot of fun checking out all the outlets (and decided that this October we’re making a second trip out there so we can do all of our Christmas shopping)!

Once we’d explored all the corners of the greatest outlets in the world, we headed to the resort.  This is when the rain came and when I started to get nervous… by the time we got to the resort everything had cleared up and the outlook was looking good!!  The resort was STUNNINGLY beautiful and we were SO excited.

We picked up my packet, had a few drinks (god bless virgin mojitos) and then walked around the resort to explore.  This place is so beautiful – and so FUN!  We turned a corner and they were making s’mores.  We turned another corner and there was a painting party.  The pool had a ton of water features and slides, and the adult pool had a negative edge looking over the golf course.  I mean, it was just awesome.  We grabbed a quick dinner in the sports bar, and then headed up to go to sleep.

Saturday morning was the race – and I’ll skip over the details for now – but it was AWESOME.  I did so much better than I thought I would!  I told my mom as long as she was down to the finish line by 9 – she should see me finish.  Luckily I was paying attention to the clock and shot her a text message around 8 am saying “running now…” so she hurried down and was there at the finish line!!!

After the race we sat out by the pool, had a great lunch in the resort restaurant, had even better massages in the spa, and then spent some time with family that evening.  It was great to see everyone and catch up – and of course everybody was talking about the baby so that’s always fun.  My cousin even gave us the christening gown that my Dad wore (along with his brothers and sisters) and that I wore, along with my brother and cousin’s kids.  SO great.

Sunday morning we slept in (kind of…) and then had a big buffet breakfast at the hotel.  Packed up (except I FORGOT MY SPA GIRL TRI WINE GLASS OMG I AM STILL SO SAD) and headed to visit my Grandmother before hitting the road.  She hasn’t been feeling too well, so she was a little out of it, but I am so glad she got to see the little belly and we were able to visit.  I hope I’m able to make it out there again in the next few weeks.

The drive back was pretty uneventful – made one more stop at the outlet mall so I could get sheets that I didn’t get the first time we were there, and then made one more stop in West to bring back kolaches for the family.

It was the most awesome weekend with my Mom, and we’re totally going to make it a tradition!!!


8 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. HOLLLAAAA GIT IT GIRL AND GIT IT GOOD. It’s amazing how smashing you and Olaf did–you should be so so proud of yourselves (yes, plural). And I agree with Sara–that last picture is beyond words.

  2. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! I can’t wait for the full recap, but you are just amazing. Congrats on the great finish and it sounds like you had such a fantastic weekend too! Do you think you can contact them about the wine glass? Maybe they will send you an extra!

    • THANKS!!! I need to call the hotel today to ask about the wine glass… I’ve got all my fingers crossed that it didn’t get thrown out!

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