I leave for San Antonio tomorrow.

My triathlon is Saturday.  WHAT!?

I have so many things I need to get done tonight to prepare – this completely snuck up on me.  I’m a little freaking out because I got an email from the tri earlier this morning talking about bike check and meetings and I didn’t know those things existed.  The good thing about smaller races is that they are smaller and less intimidating, but unfortunately they can be a little less organized than the big ones… which can cause some anxiety.

I tried on my suit the other night and had to laugh hysterically.  It is starting to become very obvious that I am pregnant.  I reeeeeally hope this isn’t an issue at the race – I am not going to bring it up!!  After dinner last weekend I took that picture – I don’t look like as much of a badass in that suit as I did a few months ago!  It’s a good thing this race is this weekend because give me a little more time and that bad boy won’t fit anymore.

Ok so first thing’s first… I need a packing list.

1) Tri Suit
2) Swim Cap
3) Goggles
4) Watch

1) Bike
2) Helmet
3) Butt pad shorts
5) Gloves
6) Sunglasses
7) Water Bottle

1) Hat / Headband
2) Sparkle Skirt (pink, duh)

1) Towel(s)
2) Bottle of water (to rinse off feet)
3) Socks
4) Shoes
5) Fuel
6) Race Belt
7) Phone (for runkeeper)
8) Earphones (maybe)
9) Body Glide

Tonight I am going to get all ready.  I hope I have enough time to slap on a new set of jamberry nails because I have rocked those for every big race.  The real question is do I go fancy or just plain red?  Decisions decisions…  I really wish I had some pink sparkles to match my suit and skirt.  Should have thought about that in advance…

I know I must be forgetting things.  Am I forgetting something?  Any triathletes out there with some good tips?  I plan on wearing my belt with my phone on the bike and the run to track them – but also tracking just time (including transition times) on my watch… just in case.  I won’t wear the headphones on the bike but I may do it on the run (for intervals) but still I am not sure.  I am starting to get so nervous.

I do think it is pretty funny that I am not worried about the race itself at ALL.  The distances are completely doable and I know I will do well.  I am more worried about the logistics of the whole thing.  And I am a little worried about the weather too… they’ve moved expo and check in to the exhibit hall on Friday because of rain.  Saturday should be okay… PLEASE!

Won’t make driving much fun…

ANYWAYS – would love to hear some last minute advice to help calm my nerves!



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