Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

The Little Things – Photo Edition!!!

What better way to celebrate the little things in life other than the little moments??  You know I have been participating in a Project365 this year – and I am happy to say April was another successful month.  Sometimes it is 9:00 and I realize I didn’t take a picture… so I take a picture of the dog… but it’s still a moment captured forever and that’s awesome!  Right?

Here is the month, and just a few of my favorites…

One of the highlights of the month was getting to go hear Jillian speak.  I so wish we could have met her in person… one day!!  One day I will!!


Looks so tiny and gummy-bear-ish now compared to what baby looks like today!!  ❤


Dying Easter Eggs was the highlight of Easter weekend.  Although they didn’t come out very vibrant… practice round for next year with a kid!!


Realizing that I am getting a bump and this is REALLY HAPPENING!!!


And last but not least, a shot from my office of a particularly beautiful day.  I love spring and am SO GLAD that the weather is finally starting to warm up!!!

So there you have it – a lot of little things from the month of April!  Thanks to Jess and Ashley for hosting the link-up!  See you next week!!


5 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

    • HA! I was going to do one today but it will have to wait… mostly because I am failing at taking “official” pictures. I even bought stickers!! Oh well… the bump is there and its REAL lol… craaaaazzyy!!!

  1. I am SO THANKFUL for this warmer weather too. I was about to lose my mind.
    These moments are all so beautiful and I might have just got a little teary at that bump picture. You look GORGEOUS! I am so excited for everything you have coming in the future!

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