Race Recap: Vineyard Run 5K

Ok, folks.  Let’s be honest here.  Races are how I treat myself!!!  So this Tuesday will be a little different…

So you’re getting two race recaps in a row!  How exciting!

This race was one I had wanted to do for years… but always found out about right AFTER the race.  Not this year!!  I had been planning on running this with my friend Catherine for some time, and at the last minute the mister decided to join in as well.  There was not any parking close to the start, so we parked across the highway and made the almost mile walk over to the vineyard.  They had a shuttle… but we had a double stroller and so that wasn’t going to work!

The walk was nice though, gave us time to catch up!

The pre-race area was okay.  Coconut water was there but they only had chocolate (barf), and there were some other cool vendors we didn’t really check out.  They had a live jazz band which was fun… even though jazz really isn’t my thing.  This is one of my favorite sites though:

SO anyways – we lined up and I took the usual pre-race selfie…  (but is it a selfie if it’s more than yourSELF? I think it should be a groupie…)

Anyways – off we went!  The course was MUCH more hilly than I expected, but I think I did okay.  I got some funny cramps on the walk over to the race, so I decided to bump down my intervals from 4/1 to 3/1 and I am glad I did.  I just can’t run like I used to run anymore!  My pace is a little slower than usual, but seeing as I cut out a whole minute of running I won’t complain.  11 minutes isn’t that bad…  especially when I can’t catch my breath, and it constantly feels like I have to pee.  Even when I don’t have to pee.  Pregnancy, y’all.

Overall, I’m okay with the race.  My time wasn’t great but those HILLS had me walking a little more than usual.  The course was kind of cool, through neighborhoods and what not.  Saw a cute house for sale and I wanted to stop and look at it (who doesn’t want to live down the street from a winery?!) but house hunting is a whole other post for a whole other day.

It was fun finishing and waiting to catch Catherine as she finished.  I THOUGHT I had found the perfect spot to get a victory picture… but the two girls who finished right before her just HAD to throw their arms around like fools and so I didn’t get a good one.  But there she is with that dang stroller like a superwoman!!!  I am one proud friend!

Sidenote – I was SUPPOSED to do a half marathon with her this September but obviously that’s not going to happen.  I hope to be there when she crosses the finish line though!!!

So there we have it.  Race #9.  Next stop?  Triathlon.  Whoa.

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5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Vineyard Run 5K

  1. Congrats on your race! And your time isn’t that bad! I think that finishing a race, no matter how long it takes, is always a big accomplishment itself!

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