Race Recap: Rise N’ Shine 5K

First? This should not have been called the “Rise N’ Shine” because the damn race didn’t start until 1:30 PM!!! Nothing Rising or Shining about that, folks!!!!

The reason it was called that is because the race benefited The Rise School in Dallas.  “The Rise School of Dallas is a nonprofit organization providing the highest quality of early childhood education services to children with Down Syndrome or other developmental disabilities and to children without disabilities.” 

My dad’s bank sponsored the run, so everyone was out there.  We rolled in right around 1:00 and it was HOT.  It was pretty neat before the race, there was a huge area with tons of tents and vendors giving out all sorts of fun stuff.  Kids were everywhere!  It was a blast.  However… it was so hot… I just kind of sat in the tent and thought to myself about how much it was going to suck to run.  I also think it’s important to note that I didn’t even take any pictures because I wasn’t even thinking about it.  Which is odd for me, I know.

Let’s also remember that Brandon and I just ate a huge birthday brunch.

We all geared up and headed towards the starting line.  Still hot.  Oh, AND HUMID.

Ready, set, GO!

The first half mile was pretty much all uphill.  And honestly?  I never recovered.  The route was actually really cool – through some parts of Uptown and then along the Katy trail.  I ran past one of my favorite restaurants, too!  Won’t mention how jealous I was that they were sitting on the patio drinking and I was trying not to die…

My intervals were shot.  I walked when I needed to walk, and “ran” when I thought I could.

And?  I finished.

But really that’s about all I can say about that.  I was beet red and miserable when I got back to the tent.  Shortly after I finished my Dad did… and he looked just as miserable as I did.  Then Brandon finished and he looked okay – mostly because he was the only smart one in the group and gave up the running about halfway through.  TOO HOT!

I’m glad that I was able to cross another 5K off the list in my quest to run 14 races this year… but that’s about it!  After I finished this race I thought seriously to myself about my limits.  I live in Texas and it’s about to get REALLY HOT.  I’m also really pregnant.  So I really need to think about what I am putting myself through!!  I think it may be time for me to lighten up a bit, and stop obsessing about my race goal.  15 in 15 is just as awesome as 14 in 14… so if I don’t do it this year, I’ll do it +1 next year.


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