One Year of Running

A few weeks ago a good friend posted a blog about her “run-aversary” and I immediately knew I had to steal her idea.  (Love you, Salt)  I meant to post this on Tuesday – which was the actual day – but because I have pregnancy brain and can’t even remember to brush my teeth in the morning… you’re getting it today!!!  One year ago (almost) today I woke up early, put on my shoes, and ran 1.75 miles around my parent’s neighborhood at 12:54 per mile.

Number of Miles: 560

Number of Pairs of Shoes I’ve Run In: Three – started off on a brand new pair of Brooks, then fell in love with the Adidas Boost.  First pair of those were pink, and the ones I’m wearing now are gray & my favorite.

Number of Finisher’s Medals Received: 9!!  There are 10 on here – the first medal was my first medal ever from 2010 when I had the first 5K I actually ran the whole way through!  Four of these medals are virtual runs… and the rest were earned in real races.

Fastest Pace: 9:53 per mile during the Hotcake Hustle 5K this year.

Race PRs: 31:12 5K, 1:09:28 10K, and 2:37:55 Half!!!
Sidenote – I totally ran a sub 2:30 half on the treadmill while training for Tink… but don’t count it because it wasn’t a race.  One day I will break 2:30 in real life!!

Longest Run: A 14 mile meltdown in January.  After that run I said I was never running again.  And I didn’t!  For like two days.

Number of Epic Wipe Outs: One.  I ruined my favorite pants, too.  And?  The next time I ran that route?  Almost bit it again in the exact same place.  Seriously.

Number of Injuries Sustained: A scraped knee and a bruised ego?  I’ve been really lucky.

Number of States Run In: Three!  Texas, Florida and California!

At this point in Salt’s blog she was adorable and added some hilariousness that I 100% agree with but won’t copy and paste.  Seeing as I am not as clever as she is, I will just say that I am so proud to call myself a runner now, and so giddy to be part of such an awesome community.  I am also going to take this moment to announce to the world that I am going to run a marathon.  Just one.  One day.  I haven’t decided when, or which one, or where… but I am going to do it.


6 thoughts on “One Year of Running

  1. Girl, you have CLEANED UP! You have more medals than me! And yes, I would cry if I busted my CW-X pants. But great job, you should be so so proud of yourself!!

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  3. You ARE going to do it and you are going to be AMAZING. I love this post! Happy Run-aversary!! That is some awesome mileage and those are some seriously awesome medals! (And that is one seriously epic wipe out. Ouch.) Cheers to the next year! You are going to rock those running shoes all through your pregnancy and beyond. 🙂

    Thank you for the sweet shout out too! xo

  4. Love this!! I bet you had not idea when you put your shoes on that morning that the decision would change your life. You will run that marathon. I have no doubt!

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