Treat Yourself Tuesday

Sooooo surprise!!!!  I still suck at treating myself.  These days it’s mostly avoiding cooking and housework with the occasional nap.  So, in the interest of a mildly exciting blog post for today… I pulled up another list of fun ways to Treat Yourself from iVillage and thought it would be fun to go through it and tell you just how I feel about those suggestions.  The italic

#1 – Do Little Things That Make You Happy – sometimes a little “me time” is just what you need to unwind when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed… Make a list of all the things that make you happy or write down what you’re grateful for. The little reminders of what is going right in your life will help you let go of those things that aren’t.  The verdict?  Agree, half way.  Me time is fantastic – I’m actually taking a little “me” time this week!  But making a list is overwhelming and annoying.

#2 – Treat Yourself to a Massage – For an easy at-home spa treatment that will leave you feeling pampered and truly relaxed, give yourself an acupressure facial.  The verdict? I am all about massages, but at at-home massage you give yourself doesn’t sound too relaxing.  I’m very much looking forward to my massage scheduled on the 10th… and I just gave the mister a gift certificate for THREE massages at a spa by our apartment…  so clearly I like this one.  Just not do-it-yourself.

#3 – Make It a Movie NightIf you feel like you need a release, go ahead and pick a tear jerker off your movie queue and let yourself have a good cry — it’ll help you let go of pent-up emotional tension. The verdict?  Watching a movie at home isn’t really treating myself… going to SEE a movie is though!  I just got a couple of free passes for a theater close to us, so I am hoping to use up some of those in the very near future.  Hubby isn’t the biggest fan of going to the theater, but I think I can make it happen if its free…

#4 – Enjoy the Smell of CitrusA 2008 study from Ohio State University showed that subjects who were exposed to a stimulant smell — like the scent of lemon — had a measurably enhanced positive mood.  The verdict?  Strange.  Next…

#5 – Get Your Creative Juices Flowing – Knitting or crocheting are a great pick because once you get the hang of it they don’t require too much thought, and the repetitive action is soothing. Having something to show for your efforts will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something worthwhile.  The verdict?  I’d totally do this but I have a tendency to go a little psycho with hobbies.  I can’t just casually knit a scarf, I have to KNIT A SCARF NOW OKAY??  The proof of this is in the 10-15 unfinished quilt tops I have in storage.  So, yeah… a great way to treat myself… but only if I have a TON of spare time on my hands…

#6 – Get a Quick Shot of Adrenaline“If you jump up and down even just a few times, you’ll get the quickest adrenaline boost recharge around… Catching some air will get your heart pumping, giving you a boost of endorphins that are bound to boost your mood. The verdict? Another strange one.  No.

#7 – Play ChefDoes cooking or baking relax you? Then make it all about you. Pick a dish full of your favorite ingredients (bonus points for sneaking in some fruit or veggies). All that chopping and stirring will help you get out any nervous tension. The verdict?  I love this, but I hate my kitchen.  And the more time I spend in my kitchen the more bummed out I get.  This was my favorite thing to do on the weekends in my old kitchen, and I know once we are in a new house again… I’ll be cooking up a storm!

#8 – Spend Time OutsideTo keep stress from draining your system, reboot by going outside: Go for a brisk walk if it’s cold, or pack up a beach blanket and picnic-for-one if it’s nice out. The fresh air and light will help you slow things down to avoid stress and tension from taking over.  The verdict? Good idea in theory… but I better do this asap because it’s about to be too hot in Texas to do anything other than sit inside in the air conditioning and try not to melt.  I will take a moment to point out that I currently drive with the top down at every possible opportunity.  Even if it messes up my hair.

#9 – Give Yourself a Mani-PediFirst, take the time to give your fingers and toes the royal treatment. After a relaxing soak, exfoliate with your favorite body or foot scrub, then slather on a thick moisturizing lotion or cream. The final step is to put on some cotton socks and gloves to let the lotion work its magic. Don’t do anything while the lotion soaks in. Just relax. The verdict? Yeah okay this could be good.  I just got a new Jamberry laquer I want to try on my toes… and I do want to put on a new set of jams for my upcoming race… so this is on my to-do list… but not for another week or so…

*side note* I picked that picture because those orchids remind me of my wedding. They were EVERYWHERE and I love them so so much.

#10 – Send Yourself FlowersArrange some pretty blooms on your nightstand so they’re the first thing you see when you wake up, or on your desk at work so the bright colors and smells liven up your workspace.  The verdict?  I would do this… but… little known fact about the Mister… he sends me flowers regularly.  So I have no need to buy them for myself.  Yes, I know he’s awesome…

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4 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. I would agree that watching at home by yourself (well, you have OLAF!!) isn’t that much of a treat, unless there is a giant ice cream sundae and popcorn involved, and then we’re talking. So off the theater you go! Just make sure that it is a good movie, otherwise you’ll be torturing yourself, and paying $$$ to do so. So basically, you should just go run a race or pay a personal trainer to torture you 😀

  2. Sniff lemons and DIY massage?! LOLZ

    but actually the hubs and I play the grateful game. He always does it when I’m in a bad mood…. which makes me really grumpy LOL

  3. Some of these are good ideas, but some are really weird!! I don’t even know what an accupressure facial is…I would probably get soap in my eyes and look ridiculous the rest of the week!! And enjoy the smell of citris?? Weird! Fun twist on TYT!!

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