Fitness Friday Link-Up

Another week of triathlon training DONE!  I do have to say, it was extra nice getting my Thursday rest days back in the rotation!!!  I can’t believe I’m getting towards the end.  The tri will be here before I know it! (Then I decide if I should do another in a few weeks…… decisions, decisions!)

Husband’s birthday is this weekend, and we’re running in a very small 5K with my family.  My dad’s bank is sponsoring so we got free registration.  I’m in.  I’m also starting to think my 14 in 14 is totally going to happen this year if I keep it up!!  I’m a 5K machine!!!!  Speaking of… it’s about time to pick another goal race.  I have  a few ideas in mind… but will save that for another post.

Monday: Swim 500 yards, Run 30 minutes

Tuesday: Bike 15 miles Bike 12 miles
I biked 12.  I am having some MAJOR sciatic nerve issues… and am afraid the bike may not be helping.  I only have 10 miles to go for my tri, so I am keeping my rides 12-15 miles from here on out.

Wednesday: Swim 600 yards, Walk 45 minutes
My swim went great and the walk was boring…

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Run 50 minutes / Run 4.5 miles
I was going to go 4.5 no matter how long it took me… and it took me right at 50 minutes.  So that works!  This was my first run outside in a very long time… it was pretty glorious.  I’m glad the weather is getting to that sweet spot where its absolutely perfect before the sun comes up!

Saturday: Bike 20 miles, Walk 30 minutes
(I will only be biking 15 miles… probably!)

Sunday: Rest!

So lets go back to this sciatic nerve pain for a minute, can we?  Does anybody have any advice here???  I know I mentioned it before that it doesn’t hurt when I run, but DOES hurt when I walk.  Or sit.  Or do anything.  I didn’t think that I would have issues with this until the end of my pregnancy but that does not seem to be the case.  I have even considered going to a chiropractor for help… which, if you know me, is a huge deal.  (I think they’re shady and I don’t trust it!)

I’ve been doing the stretches and that kind of helps but not really.  I’m planning on asking my doctor for his advice when I go next week, but getting advice from blog friends seems almost just as legit.  Right?  HELP!!!

Oh, and P.S. GO STARS!!!  Still not a fan of the new logo or the victory green but dude… so proud of this team!!!  For those of you who don’t know I am a huge hockey fan.  I worked for the team for my first job out of college for a few years – and they have a very special place in my heart!  I am thrilled that they made the playoffs this year, and even MORE thrilled that they are holding their own versus the #1 seed!

Thanks to Jill Conyers for hosting this fab link-up!  Be sure to stop by and check out her blog and the other blogs participating this week!


12 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

  1. I love that you are already eyeing your next Tri. You go, glen coco. With Sciatic nerve pain, I would go to a physical therapist because you may be able to relieve the pain that way. I would be careful being preg and going to a chiro, but that is just me.
    And duh, we are totes as legit as the doc. Fer shuuuuure.

  2. I’ve had the same issue (lower back pain when sitting not running- frustrating!) and finally went to a chiro myself. I will say it’s helped things but I’d make sure to ask around for recommendations before I went anywhere!

    Your week in workouts is hardcore!

  3. My hubby has major sciatic nerve issues when he increases his biking mileage/frequency. He went to a physical therapist that gave him a list of daily stretches that really help. But the thing that has helped him the most is going to yoga regularly. All of the stretching and strengthening of muscle groups make the pain completely go away.

  4. Nice job this week! Love the variety 🙂 I wish I had some advice to offer, I know my dad had sciatic nerve pain for a long time, but I am not sure what he did to ease it. I know when my athletes get it, it is often because of a tightness somewhere else pulling on it. Do you have tight hamstrings? That could pull on it when you are sitting. I use a tennis ball under the socket of them when I sit in car journeys for a long time. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Good luck with the rest of your Tri training! I’d love to share some advice, but that is one area of injury I have no experience in. I hope you find all the help you need, so you can keep on training as you want!!!

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