Race Recap: Tap N’ Run 4K

THIS was a fun one.

My friend Ashley talked about this race so much last year, and when she posted it on Facebook again this year I just knew I was in.  Even though I couldn’t drink the beer, and generally am not a beer “fan”… this looked like too much fun to pass up!  The website talked a LOT about costumes, and so I knew it would be great.  The costumes there were incredible.  If we do it again next year, I will definitely step up my game!  Since I didn’t really “plan” a good costume, my last minute Raw Threads pirate shirt and pink sparkle skirt would have to do.  Plus I had my awesome princess bondi band that kind of matched so boom.  Good to go.

Please excuse the car selfie.

Anyways.  When we got to the bar we met up with Ashley and her friend Cindy.  Our team name was “Scrambled Legs” which I think is hilarious and awesome.  The race was scheduled to start at around 5pm, and really I should use quotation marks when I say “race” because everyone was already drinking.

When you line up to start the race, they hand you a beer.  Then they stress over and over that during the course you have to consume your beer in the designated area blah blah blah… they count down and do a big cheers and then you’re off!!

The route was pretty normal city running.  Although we walked it.  I did convince the group to do a *tiny* bit of running… mostly because my sciatic nerve is going to be the death of me and it hurts when I walk, but not when I run.

I don’t know why that is but it is what it is.

We had a good time laughing at the great costumes, high fiving cops, and beer drinking.  I didn’t usually get a beer (because I didn’t have a wristband and I didn’t ask for one)… but in one area they just handed it to me.  I made a strangers day by giving it to her… hah!

Brandon and Ashley beer-ing.

When we finished everyone was handed pretty sweet medals.  Seriously it’s all about the bling, right?!?  This was Brandon’s first race with a medal and I was super giddy (but didn’t show it at all) that he actually wore the medal INSIDE when we went to WalMart to get Easter stuff on the way home!

The race was fun.  I would have liked to *run* more of it, but I was glad to stick with my friends!  I think it would be a blast to get a huge group together and do it again next year!!!

(And if you didn’t already know – that’s Sarahface.  I make it a lot.  Especially when medals are involved.  Please excuse the chia seed in my tooth.  Also?  I love that you can see Ashley and Cindy taking a selfie in Brandon’s sunglasses.  I’m pretty sure Ashley is making Saraface.)


8 thoughts on “Race Recap: Tap N’ Run 4K

  1. What do yo mean excuse the car selfie, it is awesome! And this event, that is what it is 😀 sounds like sooooo much fun. Running and beer have become such a fun new trend. And can I be a part of the group next year? Olaf can be the anchor team member.

  2. These are totally the best pictures. No apologies necessary! Way to go guys!! I love it… your nerve bothers you when you walk, not run… that’s dedication.

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