Race Recap: “Run Together” 5K

Well I was doomed from the start for this race.

I agreed to sign up when my little brother found the race.  He was excited that it was at a brewery, and it wasn’t super early in the morning.  Luckily – the brewery is right across the street from my office, so it would be easy for me to meet him there after work.  It seemed like it could be a lot of fun, and I was excited that my brother was getting into running… so I signed up!

Then, he stopped running.  And then got a job.  And then had to work so couldn’t go.


I woke up that morning and decided I would just do it anyways.  It was a community run, so just because I was by myself wouldn’t mean it would be lame… people are there to “Run Together”!!  I’ll make friends?

I brought all my stuff with me to work and changed at the office.  Went down to the bathroom……………. and I had no socks.  NO SOCKS.  WHAT.  I didn’t have time to go get socks, so I was just going to have to do it sockless.  Seriously.  Also?  It was cold.  Luckily I had two long sleeved shirts in my bag (but no socks) so I would be okay I guess.

I debated turning around the entire 4 minute drive to the brewery.  This was lame.  But I kept telling myself that if I did this race tonight, I could skip my run Friday morning and that sounded amazing… so I kept up.  I picked up my shirt and stood there for 45 minutes by myself waiting for the race to start.  With no socks on.  And then all of the sudden I started to get some nasty cramps.  I snuck a creeper picture of everyone hanging out.  Seriously this was a SMALL race.

Somehow I made it through the wait without bailing, and went to the starting line, where it was kind of gross raining.

Ready, set, go.

Not a fan.

I am an interval runner, and there were two groups – runners and walkers.  So the runners took off and were way ahead of me… the walkers were way behind me.  I felt like I was completely by myself for most of the race!  I’m dying to see the pictures because I’m sure my face was not so pleased (and they still aren’t posted yet).  The course was fine – urban and flat.  There was one part where we ran by a STRIP CLUB and there were creepy ass guys standing outside smoking cigarettes and watching the runners.  Gross.

The end of the course was a little better through the design district… but really?  No.  I did not like it.

I crossed the finish line in a little over a half hour like usual and was ready to leave.  I grabbed a pineapple coconut water and headed to the car.  I was over it.  But I did it, one more race to add to the list.  I don’t know what my official time was because I didn’t stick around.  Couldn’t drink the free beer, and I was annoyed that my RK clocked it in as less than three miles.  That is irritating to me.

It was strange running in no socks, I don’t plan on doing it again.  It looks like I survived with only one small blister on the back of my left heel.  At least now I know I can do it if necessary.

Important: a thought I had while I was sleeping in on Friday morning… it was totally worth it.  And the t-shirt is a good one and I’ll bet I wear the crap out of it this summer.  Stay tuned, on Saturday I ran another race with the mister and some girlfriends which was much more entertaining… recap coming soon!


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