Fitness Friday Link-Up

Well.  This week I get to knock out TWO more races.  I think there’s a chance I may actually be able to pull off 14 in 14 before the baby gets here!  Maybe!!!

This was a race that I signed up to do with my little brother… it’s kind of a strange one.  An actual chip timed 5K that takes place on a weeknight that starts and ends in a brewery.  Okay, cool, I’m in.  I knew I wouldn’t be partaking in the free beer at the finish line… but it would still be fun to do!  And let me just say this… I did it.  That’s about all I can say.  I’ll have a full race recap for you on Monday… but man.  I think the only reason I finished was because I told myself if I ran that race, and the race on Saturday night… then I could sleep in Friday morning.  And I did.  Glorious.

Monday: Run 30 minutes

Tuesday: Swim 500 yds

Wednesday: Brick – 30 minute bike, 10 minute run, 20 minute walk

Thursday: Swim 500 yds  AND Run Together 5K

Friday: 50 minute run Rest

Saturday: Bike 20 miles, Walk 30 minutes, AND Tap N’ Run Race!

Sunday: Rest!

It felt good to get back in the gym to knock out a Brick workout.  I *think* that was my last official Brick and I go back to Thursday rest days next week!  I sure hope so… I really miss my Thursday rest day.  This also means that my weekday workouts are going to start to get a bit longer, which is always a little difficult to pull off.  I have really enjoyed the two days a week of only swimming.

The Tap N’ Run race is Saturday evening.  This should be a lot of fun!  It’s another one that the mister signed up to do with me… and I have several friends going as well!  I don’t plan on setting any records… I actually think I’d like to stay with my husband this time.  I’ll have him set the pace and we can go from there.  Apparently there is beer at every mile??  Chug stations??  So maybe we will finish in an hour??  Ha!!  The best part about this one, is that there is bling at the finish line along with other cool free stuff.  And that’s what it’s all about.

Thanks to Jill Conyers for hosting, again!  Be sure to stop by and check out her awesome blog and the other blogs participating in the Fitness Friday Link-Up!


3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

  1. Wow, you’re awesome!! You’re really working hard and it sounds like you really enjoy/love what you’re doing!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! 🙂 🙂

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