Something About Facebook

I don’t know what it is… But there is just something about Facebook. I’ll post occasionally… But I am SO much more likely to say what’s on my mind via Twitter (occasionally) or post a picture via Instagram…

Thanks to The Faces of Facebook, I found out that I was the 2,099,737th person to join.  There are over 1.2 billion people on there now.  So I think it’s safe to say that I am an original gangster in the FB world.

I remember hearing about Facebook from a friend of mine at an Ivy League school and going to join it – but Texas Tech was NOT one of the schools! I had to wait three or four weeks before I could join. Back then you could post your class schedule, and on Monday mornings you would go and add EVERY SINGLE PERSON you had met over the weekend. It was kind of like the college networking system. You had to have an “.edu” email address to join.

Then one day I heard they were allowing high school students in to facebook. Strange – but whatever. Then… Open. Everyone. Anyone could have a Facebook. What?!

Unlike 99.99% of the universe, when Facebook “changes”… I’m down!! Whatever. I don’t care. I’ll adjust. And I was kind of stoked about it opening up! I had some friends that I could only keep up with via MySpace (LOL) and I thought it could be cool to have family on FB too! I also had nothing to be ashamed about.

However – now? I am annoyed by the majority of my “friends” posts. I feel like people live “Facebook” lives. They choose certain places to check in. Certain pictures to post. Certain statuses are crafted over weeks of thought to announce a major life change. And honestly? It disgusts me.

On the ten year anniversary of Facebook (yes that made me feel so old)… They released a “look back video” thing. I was stoked. How cool!!!!! I want to see the past ten years of my life summed up into a short video!!! Awesome!!!!!

It was so lame.

My “most liked posts” are anniversary posts from the past few years. It doesn’t talk about either one of my massive moves across the state… None of my amazing vacations… Zero inside jokes… I don’t even think my engagement or wedding was on there.

My Facebook video sucks. My life was so much more awesome than that. And at first? I was bummed. But then I thought about it and realized that this is awesome – while people I know craft their lives around looking wonderful on Facebook, I’m living a WONDERFUL LIFE.

I am too busy laughing and loving to post a status… I don’t care who sees what I’m doing because the people I care about are right next to me! Sure, occasionally I’ll post a picture or a status – but it’s not about proving anything. It’s just for fun. Which is what I think Facebook was originally intended for.

These days? I’m much more likely to post to one of the other social media channels. I tweet random thoughts. I Instagram random pictures. I check in to places on FourSquare. Why? Because not many people actually “follow” me. It’s not about impressing anyone. It’s just for fun. There is just something about Facebook that turns me off. It’s all a show and I just don’t want any part of it. I think I’ll just continue living my (freaking awesome) life and let all those people I’m “friends” with wonder what I am up to.



(p.s. what’s YOUR facebook number?!?)


4 thoughts on “Something About Facebook

  1. I couldn’t get it to load, so I have no idea what my Facebook number is, but I was kind of late-ish to the party (I think I joined in 2007?) because I was so stuck on MySpace. (Ew.)

    My video was pretty good because it was very Betty-heavy, but my wedding wasn’t on there either. A friend of mine had only quotes bitching about politics. It was hilarious.

  2. I have completely disconnected from FB, but I about to try to get re-involved with it, for the sake of my career and the blog. It still is such an important networking tool, but I agree that Twitter and Instagram are my go-tos. I can’t help but laugh at FB when I started on it (when they opened FB to highschoolers), and how it used to be how many comments you got on your bday was a mark of popularity. ANd now? it is twitter. Can we go back to the days of decorating lockers at school? At least that way I could get candy! But yeah, I am a bit over FB. Luckily, I didn’t go with MySpace. I had some friends who did, but it was already starting to get creepy by the time I started with those types of things.
    And try this on for size: I am # 272,877. BOOM

  3. So. We’re basically facebook sister because I’m 2,096,775 which seems pretty unbelievable since I signed up in 2004… during study abroad semester… LOL.. I dunno. Some people REALLY annoy me on facebook with their obvious crap… but sometimes I really love it, too. I should just unfriend the people who annoy me and I would be better… except that would likely cause D-R-A-M-A. Oh, so conflicted…

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