Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

It’s Wednesday!!  Be sure to stop by Jess and Ashley‘s blogs to check out the link-up!

Number One – One of the little things I have been really thinking about the past few weeks is how grateful I am that the first trimester hasn’t been bad at all.  I have very few symptoms and generally feel great.  Sure, I am pretty tired… occasionally I get kind of queasy… but really?  Not so bad.  My boobs were kind of sore in the beginning but they’re fine now… and the constipation is NO JOKE.  But really my biggest annoyance is how HUNGRY I have been.  I am not a fan of snacking and I know I have probably already gained 10 lbs… which isn’t fun… but it is so much nicer than being constantly sick.

Plus?  I am having some major issues dealing with body image already… and the fact that I have been able to mostly stick to my current training plan is a blessing.  If I had to stop that, I would be having massive mental issues.

Number Two – This blog!  This blog is a little thing that’s been great.  I hit fifty posts yesterday (today is 51!) and I think I’ve decided to streak it all the way to 100.  I don’t think a post every weekday is realistic in the long run… but I’d like to maintain what I’ve got going for another 50 posts.  Then I’ll figure it out from there.

Number Three – Olaf.  DUH.  Update: today I am 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  It still feels like I peed on that stick yesterday.  Seriously – I’m almost out of the first trimester and if the whole pregnancy goes this fast I don’t know what I’m gonna do!!!  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow – he told us that this appointment wasn’t a “fun one” so Brandon isn’t coming with me and I don’t think I’ll get to see the baby.  But it’s cool – at this appointment I schedule one two weeks from now where we DO get to see the little bean!

Wanna read about development?  You can skip it if you want… it may only be interesting to me…

The tail of the fetus disappears completely this week and your baby begins to resemble a tiny person. The organs will continue to develop and the jaw will be formed as will the upper lip. The baby’s eyes are now fully opened but as of next week they will close and remain closed until week 25.

The baby’s head is still very big compared to the rest of the body. The inner ears are now ready and the outer ear will now begin to develop although the baby still won’t hear anything for quite a while. The tissue joining the fingers will now begin to disappear and the fingers will separate, making them independent of each other. The urinary tract will now also be formed.

By the end of this week the placenta will be formed and the baby will be fed via the umbilical chord which is now also formed by three blood vessels which will connect it to the placenta. These blood vessels are well protected by a jelly like layer which completely surrounds them.

Wow.  I think the craziest part this week is thinking that baby is going from a prune size to a lime size.  That’s a HUGE jump!!!



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