On Finding Out…

Happy Monday!

The weekend was extremely low key and relaxing, just what I needed.  On Saturday we went to a local brewery to hang out with one of Brandon’s friends from school and his girlfriend.  It was super fun to go and surprise them with the news of why I wasn’t drinking the beer… they were really excited for us!!  Honestly I am having so much fun slowly telling people about the baby!  I don’t know why people do those big mass announcements to tell everybody at once.  Way more fun to do it this way.

Anyways – they asked the question everyone asks… “When can you find out if it’s a boy or a girl?  Are you going to find out?” and we were stuck answering again.  Honestly?  Every day my mind changes.

The minute I found out I was pregnant I changed my mind and wanted to know.

Then I would think about giving birth and Brandon seeing the baby and telling me and I decided I wanted to wait.

Then I found out that waiting is the new “trend” and I decided I wanted to know because trends are stupid.

Then we explained to our friends the reasons behind wanting to wait in the first place… and right now I want to wait again.

Will I change my mind 100 times before 20 weeks?  Probably.  Will I regret my decision either way?  Probably not.  Am I glad that I told Brandon that since it was “his moment” it was “his decision” to decide if we wanted to find out?  Absolutely.

Is there a chance I will have the doctor write it on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope that we will stare at for weeks before making the final decision?  Pretty good chance.


….. and if we DO find out I totally want to do one of those parties but it can’t be called a party and nobody is allowed to bring gifts.  I just really want a cake.  And maybe some confetti.  And probably some gummy bears.


7 thoughts on “On Finding Out…

  1. Cake and gummy bears are totally worth any kind of party, knowing or not knowing!! I do want you to find out those… so I can buy adorable non-gender neutral fun stuff… 😉 BUT… it’s not my baby… so I’m gonna go with what you wanna do! 😉

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