Fitness Friday Link-Up

Happy Friday!  Happy FITNESS Friday!  Be sure to check out Jill Conyers blog to see other Fitness Friday blogs in the link up!  I always look forward to reading new blogs from this link up.  I think this is my 8th week participating, and I have found so many awesome blogs from it.  What can I say?  I love reading about other people’s fitness stuff as much as I like writing about mine…

This week I did something I almost never do.  Seriously.  I can count ONE TIME in the past (almost) year that I have done this thing…

Skipped a training workout.


I know, I know, I know.  A few months ago, about 2 or 3 weeks before the Tinkerbell Half Marathon – I was burnt out.  Tired.  Bored.  Didn’t wanna run.  I texted my girls and said “I’m not running today and that’s not going to ruin all my running… right?!”  And they agreed.  Obviously, because skipping ONE run isn’t going to un-do all the other runs.  So I skipped it.  And it was glorious.

This week though, I had a reason.  I mentioned the little scare that Olaf gave us?  It involved bleeding.  Not a lot, but enough to scare me.  So when the doctor said for me to come in first thing Wednesday morning… I knew that my BRICK workout was out.  I wasn’t going to do anything until I knew everything was okay.  Plus?  Brick workouts are long and intense.  If it were an easy swim or a quick bike ride I may not have skipped it… but I had to do what’s best for baby!  Even though I have this tri coming up… growing the little poppyseed is priority #1.

Also?  Missing one workout isn’t going to undo all of my training.  Also also?  Sleeping in that morning with the mister was glorious.

Monday: Run 30 minutes Run 3 miles

Tuesday: Swim 400 yards

Wednesday: BRICK – 30 bike, 10 run, 20 walk
Nope!  Rest rest rest…

Thursday: Swim 500 yards
**the swims are getting longer and more fun!!!**

Friday: Run 40 minutes Run 4 miles

Saturday: Bike 15 miles, Walk 30 minutes
As of right now, I am planning on biking the entire 15 miles.  On Saturday though I will listen to my body and if it’s telling me to stop around 12… that’s what I’ll do!

Sunday: REST!

So there you have it!  Question for all you fitness people – how often do you skip workouts?  Do you ever feel guilty about it?




7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

  1. I’m so sorry you got that scare and so glad that everything is okay! The first trimester is such a total freakoutfest. I lost my mind over pretty much everything. Never had any bleeding, but I started getting braxton hicks contractions earlier on than most (like around week 17 or so). It sounds like you had a great week fitness-wise regardless! I’m such a terrible swimmer and think it’s so awesome that you are into it. 🙂

  2. Awesome workouts and yes, I do feel guilty about skipping workouts!! I don’t feel right unless I do all of my workouts but, I’ve found it is good to give my body some rest!! I usually get over the guilt by the next day when I realize my body feels better!!

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